National Marathon short course championships April 30th/May 1st

by Evan Sheppard, Marathon team leader

I really want to say a huge thank you to everyone who travelled to Peterborough for the Short Course Nationals!!! It was amazing to see so many Reading vests on the water and even more Reading people on the bank, volunteering and supporting. Results wise we all had a fantastic day with an almost uncountable number of podiums.

With 10 juniors racing, we had more juniors on the water than any other club (jointly with Falcon) which is a massive achievement and a credit to all of you.

Our senior and Veteran paddlers – six of them – had a slightly smaller representation but my they delivered! Every single one of them stood on the podium at the end of the day!!!

Special congratualtions to our National Champions this year:

Kevin Smith

Edgar Boehm

Kat Wilson

Harry Freeland

Anna Palmer

Oli Mazur

Harry Freeland, nippy on the portage
Laurence P and Edgar on the portage

Devizes to Westminster 2022

2022 must have been the sunniest DW to have taken place – a recompense perhaps for the two years that the event has had to be cancelled.

It was great to see some Reading CC members competing, and with great results. Congratulations to Duncan for coming 3rd in K1, Damon White for 3rd in C1, plus Peter Skinner paddling K2 in junior/vet with Marc (LTC) – they came 1st.

Alex Lane completed the course K2 with her mum, as did Nick King with Ruth, who is partially sighted, so Nick was navigating from the back.

Great success for the paddlers and their dedicated support crews.

Duncan setting off again from Reading Water Centre
Peter Skinner and Marc Gutteridge won Junior Vet K2

Nottingham April Regatta 2022

by sprint team leader, Erika

The 2022 sprint season was off to a smashing start with the April Nottingham regatta, despite the windy conditions on Saturday. Reading Canoe Club had the most entries out of all the clubs – 33 RCC  competitors with a total of 98 entries.

There were so many great results achieved by our paddlers that I am only going to highlight the top three A final results:

Harry and his K2 partner Gabriel (FOX) came 2nd in Boys U18/16 K2 500m.

Finlay also came second with his K4 on 500m in Boys U18/16.

Oli was on fire in Boys U14, he was 3rd in K1 200m, 2nd in K1 500m, 3rd with Marcell on K2 1000m.

Our U14 Boys (Oli, Marcell, Bob and Tom from ROY) also won the K4 500m event.

The girls were doing a fantastic job too. In the U16 Girls, Annabel came 3rd in K1 200m, 2nd in K1 500m and 2nd in K1 1000m. She also came 3rd in U18/16 Girls with her K2 partner Mollie (DEV).

Annabel and Mollie also did a K4 with our Georgia B and her K2 partner Iona (ESK) and they came 2nd in U18/16 Girls.

Our younger girls were working hard too: Alice & Charlotte came 2nd in K2 500m in U14 Girls and Hanna was 3rd in the same race with her K2 partner, Daisie (DEV).

It wasn’t just the juniors who were getting great results, our Masters were making us proud too:

Balint and Julian came 3rd in K2 500m in Men D+Masters C/D

In Men B+Masters A/B, Edgar was 3rd in K1 1000m and Laurence was also 3rd in K1 500m.

Laurence and Edgar won their K2 500m race.

It was lovely to see coach Freddie race too. He was delighted to join Edgar, Laurence and Jeremy in a K4 on 1000m and they won their race.

Our only C1 paddler, Anna, came 2nd in 500m and 1st on 5000m; she also won the 500m C2 with her partner.

We had a fantastic weekend. Congratulations to the whole team but especially to Oli, Jacob and Charlotte for their promotions.

Thameside 2 – Update

The final course inspection is complete and all is looking good for tomorrow.

Now, take these steps and have a great race:

  1. Please get your number online here
  2. At check-in, you need to tell the team your number. They will confirm crew name(s) and issue you a southern region number (this must be used) and competitor food
  3. Parking at the start 
  • The public car park next to the check-in area is small and will fill up very quickly. No boat drop off will be allowed here.
  • There is plenty of parking at Rivermead Leisure Centre car park 
  • Paddlers/supporters should take the footpath from Rivermead to access the river and check-in.
  • There is very limited tall vehicle parking near the entrance to the small car park. Once full tall vehicles will get redirected to an alternative site
  1. Briefing 09:30
  2. Dress appropriately An easterly wind is forecast so could be cold – juniors must wear buoyancy aids
  3. Start at the right time
  4. Parking at the finish There is a pay and display car park at Longridge Activity Centre. Once full you will need to park on the road. See below
  5. Results will be here

Follow marshalls’ instructions at all times.  Ensure you park legally and considerately.  Don’t block access or roads.

See you there!

Start Parking

Finish Parking

Thameside – Update 2

There is a good entry for Thameside 1 tomorrow, therefore we need to make extra effort to respect neighbours at the start, finish and along the course, representing our great sport in the best possible light.

In particular, please look at the schedule below and aim to limit time spent at both Aldermaston and at Reading Canoe Club (RCC).

Buoyancy aids

Buoyancy aids are strongly recommended for all and compulsory for juniors, as the river is quite high.


The start window has been increased so slower boats should start earlier. We will run 2 briefings to accommodate people starting across the window.

The finish doesn’t open until 12:30 so if you finish before then you won’t get a time.

09:00Check-In opens
11:00Check-In closes
09:30Briefing 1
10:30Briefing 2
09:45Start window opens
11:45Start window closes
12:30Finish window opens


Parking is limited so where possible please car share and remember to always park legally and considerately. This is very important to the future of this event.

Finish parking

  • The Warren (road outside RCC)

The road is narrow so parking carefully is mandatory

We will cone off a passing area midway along the road. Please don’t block this space.

  • Albert Road, which is a short walk from the club
  • Rivermead Leisure Centre, on the opposite bank to RCC, a canoe ferry will be in operation

Check-In Procedure

  1. Get your race number from the club website
  2. Tell your number to the check-in team, who will confirm your name 
  3. Check-in team will give you a South Region number board to use. No other number boards are acceptable. 

So, remember to

  • Bring & wear the appropriate kit
  • Park legally and considerately
  • Take your litter home

Thank you