Nottingham April Regatta 2022

by sprint team leader, Erika

The 2022 sprint season was off to a smashing start with the April Nottingham regatta, despite the windy conditions on Saturday. Reading Canoe Club had the most entries out of all the clubs – 33 RCC  competitors with a total of 98 entries.

There were so many great results achieved by our paddlers that I am only going to highlight the top three A final results:

Harry and his K2 partner Gabriel (FOX) came 2nd in Boys U18/16 K2 500m.

Finlay also came second with his K4 on 500m in Boys U18/16.

Oli was on fire in Boys U14, he was 3rd in K1 200m, 2nd in K1 500m, 3rd with Marcell on K2 1000m.

Our U14 Boys (Oli, Marcell, Bob and Tom from ROY) also won the K4 500m event.

The girls were doing a fantastic job too. In the U16 Girls, Annabel came 3rd in K1 200m, 2nd in K1 500m and 2nd in K1 1000m. She also came 3rd in U18/16 Girls with her K2 partner Mollie (DEV).

Annabel and Mollie also did a K4 with our Georgia B and her K2 partner Iona (ESK) and they came 2nd in U18/16 Girls.

Our younger girls were working hard too: Alice & Charlotte came 2nd in K2 500m in U14 Girls and Hanna was 3rd in the same race with her K2 partner, Daisie (DEV).

It wasn’t just the juniors who were getting great results, our Masters were making us proud too:

Balint and Julian came 3rd in K2 500m in Men D+Masters C/D

In Men B+Masters A/B, Edgar was 3rd in K1 1000m and Laurence was also 3rd in K1 500m.

Laurence and Edgar won their K2 500m race.

It was lovely to see coach Freddie race too. He was delighted to join Edgar, Laurence and Jeremy in a K4 on 1000m and they won their race.

Our only C1 paddler, Anna, came 2nd in 500m and 1st on 5000m; she also won the 500m C2 with her partner.

We had a fantastic weekend. Congratulations to the whole team but especially to Oli, Jacob and Charlotte for their promotions.