Covid-19 update – lift of lockdown:

The guidance for returning to sport following lockdown is now mostly released. Therefore the club plans as follows:

a) Loaned equipment will be returned on or before December 2nd. Fred has contacted those concerned with the procedure.

b) Coached sessions will commence from December 3rd, when the coach is ready.

Outdoor activity rules for tier 2 are essentially the same as before. Uncoached groups of no more than 6 may be booked via the Google sheet, as they were prior to lockdown.

Coached groups and organised club sessions may be larger. Fred is in discussion with the coaches and each will determine their capacities. Please respect their decisions and don’t ask them to bend them.Coaches have the right to suspend members’ participation in future sessions if they do not follow club procedures.

Indoor-activity guidance has changed and has contradictions. We are seeking clarity on these.

a) Under 18 activity can resume as before (these rules seem fairly clear). You must turn up just before, and leave promptly after your session.

b) Over 18s rules leave a little more scope for confusion. Currently our interpretation is that group exercise classes, and therefore our indoor sessions, can resume as long as there is no interaction between households. By this we mean that as before you must turn up just before, and leave promptly after your session. Whilst taking part in a session please remain in your allocated space or on your allocated paddle machine. Wipe down all equipment and surfaces you touch before and after use. This is in line with many other local sports and leisure facilities that we have spoken to. On this basis it is our intention to resume the winter timetable as before, with booking essential, via Google sheets or as per rotas.

Please remember our coaches are volunteers and, as such, coached sessions may not restart immediately. Each coach will resume sessions when they are ready to do so.

It is very important that social distancing is observed by all members at all times while onsite. It is vital for the continued operation of the club that these measures are maintained. If we cannot, we will need to limit numbers further.

Thank you for understanding that this is a changing situation, which requires time to interpret.