This document outlines how information is disseminated within the club.

If you don’t get information from one of the four methods below, please contact us!


Probably the best canoeing website in the world, every bit of communication will be posted on the web site

Members Facebook Group

Club Notice Boards

There are a number of notice boards at the Club. Each board has a distinct purpose: Training, Racing, Slalom, Club News, Junior News and Club Handicap.

The Club News notice board is located between the two changing rooms and contains general club communication. This content will also be posted on the website for people who are unable to attend the Club on a regular basis.

RDG Mailing List

The Club also holds an electronic mailing list. This includes all email addresses within the membership database, plus any other another addresses that have signed up. Use of this method will be limited (as will access to the list).

Members will be able to opt in or out of the list by contacting a Committee member.

The e-group is on the mailing list. If you are member of the e-group you won’t be on the direct mailing, so you shouldn’t get the same email information twice.


The Club e-group (Yahoo) is designed as more of a discussion media about our sport. However, the e-group is also on the club mailing. There are numerous ways of using the e-group, from individual mails to daily digest or reading online. Already you need to know is here or subscribe directly using the form below.

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Keep Your Details Up to Date!

Please make sure contact details on the membership database are correct. If there are any changes (especially email) please notify the Membership Secretary.

The Club decided several years ago that most of its communication would be electronic, saving time and money. If you can think of other suitable communication channels, or have ideas on how Club communication could be improved, please contact a member of the Committee (or why not stand as the Communications Manager?)

Talk to the Committee and get involved.