News – Sep 2010

28-Sep-10 Elmbridge Hasler this weekend
Elmbridge Hasler (Weybridge, Surrey) will be held on Sunday 3rd October. Although out of our region this event is well worth going to as the quality of the racing is expected to be high.

Alternatively, if you fancy venturing further afield, there is the River Fowey Hasler Race in Cornwall – also on Oct 3rd.

26-Sept-10 Marathon World Championship
We have a new World Champion: Ben Brown brings home GOLD in the Marathon World Championships in Banyoles. Our first Mens title since Ivan Lawler in 2000! K1 Results

Andy Daniels and John Sawers had a heck of race to come 4th, well done boys! Ben Bradshaw / Aaron Jordan came in 18th K2 Results

Ben Brown
Busto (ESP), Brown (GBR), Jenkins (RSA)
Andy Daniels / John Sawers
John Sawers / Andy Daniels

All in all a good result for team GB

Windsor Hasler 2011
A windy day in Windsor saw the third race of the 2011 season, which is always odd as we have not finished the 2010 season yet! Prizing giving was held in reasonable time, but no results published. Keep an eye on the website for full results. See you all at Fowey

24-Sept-10 Marathon World Championship & Master World Cup
Racing is under in Banyoles (Spain), a large GB team is in attendance. Below are the results for the first three days. They are streaming video – with Jim wonderful commentary

MEN MASTER 40 – 44 K-1 [Full Results]
1 WEST Stuart
24 SMYTHE James

MEN MASTER 45 – 49 K-1
18 SCOTT Tim

MEN MASTER 50 – 54 K-1
7 COX Ewan
11 PENDLE Dyson

MEN MASTER 55 – 59 K-1
3 SWALLOW Melvin
15 BAYLISS Alastair
18 GILBERT Julian

MEN MASTER 60 – 64 K-1
2 PARKER James
11 INCE John

MEN MASTER 65 – 70 K-1
5 HOWIE David
7 SCHOLEY Robert
9 CHORLEY Stephen

MEN MASTER 70 and above K-1
4 DAVIES Richard
5 MITH Stan

WOMEN MASTER 35 – 39 K-1
9 HOWELL Cathy

WOMEN MASTER 45 – 49 K-1

WOMEN MASTER 50 – 54 K-1

MEN MASTER 50 – 54 C-1

MEN MASTER 35 – 39 K-2[Full Results]
5 WEST Stuart / MAYERS James

MEN MASTER 40 – 44 K-2

MEN MASTER 45 – 49 K-2
9 HENSON Adrian / COX Ewan
11 BUTT Adrian / KENT Richard
15 OUGHTON Duncan / ILETT Peter

MEN MASTER 50 – 54 K-2
3 PENDLE Dyson / SWALLOW Melvin
11 RANCE Steve / WILLIS Steve
12 HAWTHORN Michael / DAVIES Simon

MEN MASTER 55 – 59 K-2
NEVITT Andrew / GILBERT Julian

MEN MASTER 60 – 64 K-2
4 HOWIE David / INCE JohnMEN MASTER 65 – 70 K-2
4 NOLAN Tony / SCHOLEY Robert

WOMEN MASTER 35 – 39 K-2
8 OUGHTON Lynda / HOWELL Cathy

WOMEN MASTER 45 – 49 K-2
5 HICKS Julie Great / FRANKLIN Elizabeth

MEN JUNIOR K-1 [Full Results]
5 TYE Jonathan
16 HICKS Albert


WOMEN UNDER 23 K-1[Full Results]

MEN UNDER 23 K-1[Full Results]

MEN JUNIOR K-2 [Full Reults]
5 TYE Jonathan / WEBSTER James

4 CROUCHER Victoria / HAWS Alice

WOMEN SENIORS K-1 [Full Results]
8 GUNNEY Claire


24-Sept-10 Olympic Hopes Regatta, Piestany

Reading paddlers Imogen Collins, Ben Colyer, Nico and Tony Kirschstein and Andrew Potterton competed at the 2010 Olympic Hopes Regatta last weekend as part of the BCU development team.

In these photos: Andy & Tony, Ben & Nico and Imogen & Emily Illinesi (ELM)
Friday was 200m day and the standard of the opposition soon became apparent as none of the Reading paddlers made finals although Imogen knocked seconds off her PB in the heat and finished 6th in her semi.

The next big day for our paddlers was the 500m on Sunday and by this time they seem to have acclimatised more to life and conditions in Piestany. The team had been set a target of reaching 10 finals and, with the help of the Reading quintet, 13 finals were made. Ben and Nico finished 7th in U17 500 M K2 final after a storming semi final where they had finished in 2nd place. Imogen and her partner Emily Illinesi (Elmbridge) were pleased with their 7th place in the U17 girls K2 final after beating some useful pairings in their semi. The stand out performance was from Tony and Andy in their U16 K2 semifinal where they finished 1st and although they eventually finished 9th in the final, this should give then confidence in their abilities to compete at this high level.

The trip will have given our paddlers lots to think about and give them targets when planning their training for next season. It showed the standards required to compete at the highest levels but also gave them the appetite for more trips and the knowledge that , with the right training, they too could be up there.

The Regatta website was excellent and has videos of most of the races.
Rebecca Jennings, Sprint Team Leader

Finally, apologies to those bemused by our recent disappearing sprint news items – these were overwritten due to a technical glitch in our web update procedure. KK

23-Sept-10 Windsor Hasler
Windsor Hasler team can now be found in the membership section – send an email if you want to be pre-entered

Pangbourne Hasler
Well done to all that raced at Pangbourne, looks like the club did enough for the win! Just four promotions – full results

Mike Crossman P5
Max Todd P5
Jack Kemp P8
James Kemp P8

Windsor Hasler
This weekend Windsor, sign up sheet outside the gym or email your entries.Club pre-entires will be taken down on Friday. don’t for get Cruse Cup points at stake!

19-Sept-10 Hasler Racing
We are now two races into the 2011 season, how is your Cruse Cup campaign going? The Hasler Final team is available in the membership section.

Marathon Team Leader
Many thanks to James Keeble who is standing down as Marathon Team Leader to embark on his 7 month trip to New Zealand. Have fun James! In the mean time Dan Seaford will cover these duties until Graeme Chalk takes over in November

18-Sept-10 Advance Notice of Reading Small Boats Head
Reading Small Boats Head will be held on Sunday 10th October. There’ll be two divisions, one at 1010 and another at 1400, racing from Purely to Reading Rowing Club, with approximately 150 boats in each division. Boats will be on the water from 0830 and should be off by 1630.

12-Sept-10 Reading K4 Results
Reading K4 results here

09-Sept-10 Sprint News
The results of the Sprint nationals are now up on the Wey website.
Congratulations to James Keeble, our sole promotee, on his elevation from Mens C to Mens B.

Now the Sprint Regatta season is at an end, can all outstanding sprint fees be settled ASAP please. A list of monies owed is now on the club noticeboard – thanks.

Finally, Reading Canoe Club are providing 5 members of the BCU junior development team heading out to Piestany, Slovakia for The Olympic Hopes Regatta, next weekend (17th-19th September.) Good luck to Nico, Tony K, Ben C, Andy P and Imogen. Similarly, best wishes to the Reading contingent travelling to Belgium this weekend for the international regatta at Sobeka.
Rebecca Jennings – Sprint Team leader

07-Sept-10 MacGreggor Paddle (Sprint Interclubs) Trophy

Ours at last!

Reading Canoe Club were presented with the Macgregor Paddle at the weekend, which a superb team effort saw us win back in July.

7-Sept-10 Readking K4 -THIS WEEKEND!
K4 race this weekend, please email your entries

National Regatta

Hope you all had a very successful regatta.
Photos from AE Photos can now be accessed online via the link here and from Mark Edwards Photography here. Take a look at this YouTube video for footage from the regatta.

Henley Hasler this coming Sunday
Sign up sheet on the marathon racing board. **** PLEASE SIGN UP TODAY (TUESDAY 7th) ****

Wow, that was a hard one! Conditions looked ideal- no wind or rain but from the very first race paddlers knew they were up against a new hazard – WEED!
Unfortunately races became a bit of a lottery depending on which lane you were in and many a paddler found a top 3 position denied them as they ground to a virtual stand-still in the weed filled waters.
However, despite this, Reading paddlers did return with a hoard of medals, particularly at U14 where Amber Owen got 2 golds and 4 silvers and Sam Kirschstein, 3 golds, 1 silver and 1 bronze, working well with his partner Jack Childerstone of Wey.
Similarly, the U16 pairing of Tony Kirschstein and Andrew Potterton medalled in the K2 and K4 categories with silver in 1000 and 500 K2 events and gold in 500 K4. In the girl’s events, Flora Jayne-Coupe sprung a surprise by taking the 1000 K2 silver medal with her partner Charlotte Ellis of Leighton Buzzard. Sympathies go out to Sophie Collins and Amy Dillon who were fancied in this event but had any chance snatched away from them by early fouling of the boat by the dreaded weed.
Racing was really tough in the U18 categories too. Imogen and Nico had both hoped for good showings in their 500m K1 races but were denied medals as much by the conditions as by opponents – well done to them and ALL the Reading paddlers for battling to get to the finish line! Imogen however did race to silver in the 200 K2 with Hazel Childerstone of Wey and bronze in 1000 K2 with Emily Illinesi of Elmbridge and, along with fellow Reading paddler Kate Jayne Coupe, a bronze in the 1000m K4. Nico and Ben Colyer had finished in the top 2 in all previous regattas in their K2 – this regatta they had to settle for minor places, getting a bronze in the 500m K2 as well as in the K4 1000m. Some very weary and emotional paddlers and supporters made their way home on Sunday evening!
If you want to see some of the finals from the regatta, please click on this link to a 10 min video on the Wey website, where the full results will also follow shortly.
Rebecca Jennings (Sprint Team Leader)

Professional photos taken at the Sprint Nationals by Mark Edwards Photography can be found here, and from AE Photos here.

06-Sept-10 URGENT SIGN UP – Henley Hasler – Sunday 12th September
Henley Hasler race this coming Sunday is the first of the 2010/11 Hasler year and a chance to get an early qualification race in. Hoping to see as many Reading paddlers out there as possible. Sign up sheet will be on the marathon racing board from this evening. **** PLEASE SIGN UP BY TUESDAY 7th ****

06-Sept-10 Sprint National Championship Photos
Professional photos taken at the Sprint National Championships in Nottingham (4/5 Sept) by Mark Edwards Photography (website can be accessed by using this link. Well done to all our RCC sprinters.

02-Sept-10 Worcester Marathon Assessment Photos
Professional photos taken at Worcester Assessment race by Mark Edwards can be found here.

1-Sept-10 Tay Desecent 23-Oct-2010 [FLYER]
Racing over 3 distances 23, 9 and 5 miles and apart from the choice of distances it will run in a similar way to the Liffey – just without big weirs. So you can use a decent marathon boat although over stern recommended just in case. Check out 2 minute promo video on taydescent.orgSame weekend as the Scottish Annual Canoe Show

31-Aug-10 Southern Region Hasler Standings
Well done to Reading, Banbury, Southampton and Basingstoke for qualifying for Hasler Final 2010. Club and individual qualification for 2011 start on 12-September-2010 with Henley.

Reading 10 9 10 9 7 10 10 10 10 5 90 5 85
Banbury 9 10 8 10 10 8 9 8 9 9 90 8 82
Southampton 7 8 6 6 9 9 7 6 6 10 74 6 68
Basingstoke 8 6 9 8 8 6 6 7 7 9 74 6 68
Falcon 3 5 7 5 5 7 9 9 8 6 64 3 61
Pangbourne 6 7 3 7 6 3 5 5 5 7 54 3 51
Wokingham 5 4 5 4 1 4 2 2 2 2 31 1 30
Cokethorpe 0 2 1 2 4 5 3 4 1 4 26 0 26
Longridge 1 3 4 1 2 2 4 3 4 0 24 0 24
Eyot 4 1 1 0 3 1 1 1 3 0 15 0 15
Bourne End 2 1 2 3 1 1 1 1 1 0 13 0 15
Itchen Valley 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 3 0 3
Marlow 1 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 3
Windsor 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 2 0 2

30-Aug-10 Marathon World Championship
Marathon World Championships final selection event took place at Worcester over the weekend. Team selected is as follows, still waiting to see full results.

Mens K1
Ben Brown
Jonathan Simmons

Mens K2
John Sawers / Andy Daniels
Ben Bradshaw / Arron Jordon

Mens K1 (under 23)
Tim Pendle

Junior Men K1
John Tye
Albert Hicks

Junior Men K2
Jonny Tye / James Webster

Senior Ladies K1
Claire Gunney

Senior Ladies (under 23)
Lizzie Broughton

Junior Ladies K1
Jenny Illidge

Junior Ladies K2
Jenny Illidge / Laura Ferguson
Alice Haws / Victoria Croucher

Longridge Hasler
Longridge was the last Hasler qualifying race for 2010, quite a long day. Expect the results to appear on either the Longridge or website.

Nelo Summer Challenge
Nelo Summer Challenge
We had a number of GB athletes racing at the Nelo Summer Challenge. Ladies Final – Lani Belcher 2nd and Rachel Cawthorn 3rd. Mens Final – Glenn Eldridge 5th, Ben Farrell 13th, Ben Brown 17th. Full Results

20-Aug-10 World Championship – Day 4
Amazing, great results and great to watch! We have a new World Champion Ed McKeever (BBC coverage) in the 200m singles. Rachel taking bronze in the 500m singles, the ladies K4 was so close to medal. The mens 200m K2 were so close to keeping a clean sheet for the whole year.

Finally got to watch Tim’s 1000m race from yesterday, amazing race!

there are plenty of photo of all four days

Women 500m Final

Women 500m Final B

Women 200m Final B

Women 5km

Women 200m Relay

Men 500m Final

Men 500m Final B

Men 200m Final A

Men 5km

Men 200m Relay

20-Aug-10 World Championship – Day 3 1000m Finals
My Sky box had a very funny 5 minutes and I missed this morning action – grrr! Great to see (read) Tim back in the medals.

Women 1000m Finals

Men 1000m Finals

Men 1000m B Finals

World Championship – Day 3 200m Heats

Sky box back online, missed the first heat of the 200m. Therefore not sure what happen in the first heat. But so far Ed McKeever and Richard Jeffries and have through to the semi.

20-Aug-10 World Championship – Day 2 500m Semi [full results]
3 A Finals and 2 B Finals out possible 5, top marks to Tim, Rachel and the K4 for the A Finals. Mens K2 was pretty close!
Women 500m Semi
084 K1 2nd CAWTHORN RACHEL to A Final

Men 500m Semi
062 K1 2nd BRABANTS TIM to A Final

Tomorrow is the 1000m finals, first rounds of 200m and the 5km event

20-Aug-10 World Championship – Day 2 500m Heats [full results]
Everyone through, ladies K4 look good, mens K2 almosted missed the start

Women 500m Heats
60 K1 2nd CAWTHORN RACHEL to Semi

Men 500m Heats
62 K1 2nd BRABANTS TIM to Semi

19-Aug-10 World Championship – Semi Finals[full results]
3 A Finals and 3 B Finals out possible 6 – not bad. I am sure there will be some disappointed people out there, who were expecting better. The mens K2 and K4 where very close

Bring on 500’s tomorrow

WOMEN Semi-Final 1000m
30 K1 2nd CAWTHORN RACHEL to A Final

Men Semi-Final 1000m
36 K1 2nd BRABANTS TIM to A Final

19-Aug-10 World Championship[full results]
Racing has start – 1000m results summary, everyone through to semi finals

Women 1000m Heat
01 K1 3rd CAWTHORN RACHEL to semi final
08 K2 4th HAWKEY JENNA / HANNAH ANGELA to semi final

Men 1000m Heat
11 K1 3rd BRABANTS TIM to semi final
24 C2 5th LAWRENCE MATTHEW / TRAIN JAMES to semi final
26 K4 4th FARRELL / WYCHERLEY / HASTINGS / DANIELS to semi final

Nice little Come On Team GB from Ben Brown at RacePace

18-Aug-10 Southern Region Standing
With one event left, the Southern region standings are as follows. This means Banbury, Reading, Southampton and Basingstoke qualify unless something very funny happens at Longridge

Banbury 9 10 10 10 8 9 8 9 9 91 8
Reading 10 9 9 7 10 10 10 10 5 90 5
Southampton 7 8 6 9 9 7 6 6 10 68 6
Basingstoke 8 6 8 8 6 6 7 7 9 65 6
Falcon 3 5 5 5 7 9 9 8 6 57 3
Pangbourne 6 7 7 6 3 5 5 5 7 51 5
Wokingham 5 4 4 1 4 2 2 2 2 26 1
Cokethorpe 0 2 2 4 5 3 4 1 4 25 0
Longridge 1 3 1 2 2 4 3 4 0 20 0
Eyot 4 1 0 3 1 1 1 3 0 14 0
Bourne End 2 1 3 1 1 1 1 1 0 11 0
Itchen Valley 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 3 0
Marlow 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0
Windsor 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 2 0
Winchester 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

World Championship
Sprint worlds start tomorrow there should be coverage on Eurosport and we can expect daily photos from AE Photos. Good luck Team GB – see full squad

15-Aug-10 World Championship
Following from European success, the GB team head out to Poland to compete in the ICF Canoe Sprint World Championships. There should be coverage on Eurosport. Can anyone confirm who is in the actual GB team?

Reading Festival
Construction of the festival site is well under way and work on the temporary bridge is due to start on the 19th-August, therefore keep any eye out for river closures. We have already received parking passes for the Warren, which will be made available on Thursday.

During the festival period, please take extra care when leaving the club. Ensure all the doors are shut and the alarm set even if you think there is someone the water.

13-Aug-10 Hasler 2010 qualification – 2 opportunities left [James Keeble]
There are a number of people still yet to qualify for the Hasler finals in October this year and the season is drawing to a close. You still have 2 potential races to get in before October in order to qualify for K1 and K2 – these are as follows:Tonbridge 22nd August
(close by in Marlow) 29th August

D etails of both of these races can be found on the right hand of the website.

Qualification status of club members can be seen by logging into the members area of the website.

Let’s try to get as many paddlers as possible along to these races.

10-Aug-10 Junior Girls Training Day – Aug 14th – CANCELLED
Due to a lack of numbers this event has been cancelled. If you were thinking about coming, please drop us an email. It will help with the decision as to whether we should try to organise another event.

10-Aug-10 Gym Extension Proposal

Comments are requested by the end of August regarding the proposed extension of gym space by using an area currently part of the mens’ changing rooms. Notices have been posted on the club noticeboards, and you can see a scan of the document by clicking on the image to the left.

Please note that due to technical difficulties a new committee email address has been set up, and is available on this online version of the document (noticeboard versions to be updated tonight).

10-Aug-10 National Sprint Regatta (Nottingham Sept)

Work in Progress. Leander raised over £300 for Clic Sarjent and the shaving took place on Saturday at the club.
Sign Up For Sprints
Don’t forget the National Championships Sprint Regatta will be at Nottingham on 4-5 September. The sign-up sheet is on the noticeboard, and you need to sign up by Monday 15th August at the latest.

2-Aug-10 Marathon Nationals[Sabine Kirschstein]
Having spent the last few days at your Championships we just wanted to thank Chester CC for their hospitality and the great organisation you put into this event.All of Reading paddlers enjoyed their races very much, and the smooth running of control, timing keeping, commentary and refreshments, not forgetting the camp site manager who looked after the toilets superbly made it a really fantastic event.

Very well done to all involved.

A big thank you from all of Reading paddlers

European Junior & U23 Canoe Sprint Championship
Busy weekend, Team GB had number athletes competing in the Europeans. Full results available on the event website – will try and list all the result here, when I get second

31-Jul-10 Hair today, gone tomorrow

Well not gone tomorrow exactly – but gone as soon as Leander reaches his sponsorship target.
If you would like to see swamp-thing Leander turn into baldy Leander, and even more importantly to support Clic Sarjent, then please go to Leander’s JustGiving page and help him reach that target.
Click on the photo for more information from Leander about Clic Sarjent and why he is raising funds for this excellent organisation.

29-Jul-10 Another First Aid Course – more places available
As the last first course was over subscribe, we are now holding another course (8 hours) on 8th Aug and we have a few spare places on offer at £30 per head. These are available to anyone whether club member or not. If interested please send us an email.

Marathon Nationals
This weekend Marathon National – Chester, event website has provisional start list.

Wokingham Hasler Results
The results for the well attend Wokingham Hasler have been published on their website, we await the confirmed results and regional standings to be published on the MRC site

More Wokingham Hasler pictures – thanks to Nigel Smith

28-Jul-10 Brandenburg, Marathon World Cup 2
Another victory for Ben Brown in K1 and plenty of medals all round. Write up can be seen on Ben Brown’s Race Pace site. Well done to all those competing in what seemed like tough conditions. Check out the full results

Thames Valley Hasler Race
Reading had a good team of paddlers out on Sunday at Wokingham’s Thames Valley Hasler race just down the river. Conditions were great – nice water, warm weather and a large field of paddlers. Initial thoughts are that we did well as a club on Sunday in securing some good points however we await the final results which will be posted on the Marathon Canoeing site

Canoe England Club Facilities Survey
Help develop the sport and be in with a chance of winning £100 in gift vouchers.
Please complete the facility survey

Lost Property
Two items of lost recently found at the club; one set of keys and a memory card. If you have lost one of these items and can suitably describe it, please email us

Caversham Court Gardens – Open Afternoon
This Friday our down stream neighbour has an open afternoon. All are welcome

26-Jul-10 Thames Valley Circuits (Wokingham) Photos

Photos from Thames Valley Hasler Marathon at Wokingham (mainly the early races) are now available in the photostrips page. (click on the picture to go directly to the album).
Very good turnout – well done to all who raced.


21-Jul-10 MacGregor – InterClubs 2010 [Jessica Collins]
As confirmation finally arrives of our victory at the Interclubs regatta over the weekend of the 3rd-4th July, it is only fitting that all the participants get the thanks they deserve. Everyone present displayed spectacular team spirit, and put in some brilliant performances, which all contributed to the Macgregor paddle being awarded to Reading C.C. for the first time in the history of the event. [read more]

Reading Rowing Club Social Invite
Check out an invite from our rowing friends in the membership section.

Whitchurch Bridge
Check out the Whitchurch press release – it’s the big white one at Pangbourne if you didn’t know.

Cahors Marathon [Alastair Bayliss] [PDF]
This event is an ideal stop off for those driving to the World Marathon Championships in Spain. We are 6 miles from the main A20 on the route to Banyoles, and 3 ½ hours away. Great training river and canoe club facility with weights.

19-Jul-10 Racing Sign Up Wokingham Hasler + Nationals – sign up by Wednesday 21st
This coming Sunday (July 25th) sees the Thames Valley Hasler marathon race hosted by Wokingham Canoe Club. This is an opportunity to do a nice local race, and will count toward your individual Hasler Finals eligibility if you have not yet done enough races this season. To avoid late entry fees you will need to sign up by this coming Wednesday (21st) – see the noticeboard at the club or talk to our new Marathon Team Leader James Keeble. For details of the race click here

Marthon Nationals – Chester
This year we have the pleasure of racing on the river Dee in Chester, excellent bit of water. Marginally further than Nottingham.

Sign up by Wednesday

19-Jul-10 Reading 5K – K1 & K4
Race results here

16-Jul-10 Junior Girls Training Day – Aug 14th
Reading Canoe Club are hosting a training day for junior girls ranked in sprint divisions B and C. This will take place on Sat Aug 14th and will focus on K2 and K4. The cost will be £4.50 inclusive of lunch. See pdf flyer for further details and for the relevant forms to be returned to coach Dan Colyer by 9th August.

16-Jul-10 It’s Official, we won!
Its official – we won the MacGreggor Paddle. Final scores were:
1. Reading Canoe Club 479
2. Worcester Canoe Club 472
3. Wey Kayak Club 463
Once again, congratulations to our sprint team, coaches & supporters. Regatta report to follow soon.

09-Jul-10 Canoe2012 Canoeing Taster Session – July 11th
Reminder: As part of Canoe2012 Reading Canoe Club will be holding a taster session covering a variety of canoeing disciplines. The event will take place between 2pm and 5pm on Sunday July 11th and is aimed at people with little or no paddling experience (over 8 yrs old).
See full details here.

09-Jul-10 Sprint Interclubs Team Photo

Photos of the Interclubs Sprint Team are now available on our Photostrips page, in the Miscellaneous album (click on the picture to go directly to the album)

09-Jul-10 First Aid Course – places available
Reading Canoe Club will be hosting a First Aid course (8 hours) on 24th of July and we have a few spare places on offer at £30 per head. These are available to anyone whether club member or not.If interested please send us an email.

08-Jul-10 Amended Oxford Hasler Results
Following on from some corrections to the Oxford Hasler results, there are 2 amendments to

Reading promotions:
Debbie Cane P6
Andy Pottertion P3

06-Jul-10 Sprint Interclubs Results
The Interclubs race results are now available on the Wey site. MacGreggor Paddle results and promotions list will follow shortly

06-Jul-10 Sprint Interclubs Photos
Reading coach Dan Colyer took some great photos of our super-cool paddlers at Nottingham over the weekend.

06-Jul-10 Sprint Promotions – and team photo call

The following paddlers have been promoted:
John Drummond to Mens Masters C
Pip Ede to Mens B
Rich Davey to Mens C
Sophie Keay to Ladies C
Imogen Collins to Girls A
Kate Jayne-Coupe to Girls B
Hannah Sealey to Girls C

Team Photo – Thursday evening
There will be a Sprint Team photo on Thursday evening before the time trial at around 6pm. Please would everyone who went up to the Sprint Interclubs (paddlers and supporters and coaches) try to be there if possible, so that we can get as much of the team as we can into the photos.

06-Jul-10 European Champions
Four European Champions, just brilliant. Check out the coverage on BBC website. There are plenty more pictures on as well as a video of the 200m K1 Final

Great Britain win two more golds in European Championships
GB kayaker Rachel Cawthorn wins European sprint crown

Inter-Club Regatta Photos
While we wait for the official results for the interclubs on the Wey website, check out these photos from Mark Edwards
USERNAME: sprint_july
PASSWORD: jonnytye18

Mapledurham Weir Eel Pass [Philip McAuliffe]
As my fitness improves, I have started to include a Pangbourne paddle, (at a very modest pace), but I approach the Mapledurham portage in a state of apprehension on each occasion.

The portage involves entering the weir pool, and disembarking at the concrete jetty; at current water levels the deck of the boat slides UNDER the overhanging concrete deck, and is pinned against the steel piling by the current, creating a potential capsize hazard.

At high water levels the stronger current can, and has, pinned canoeists against the timber posts, this happening to even top level paddlers.

I was therefore a little aggrieved to see a Public Notice in this weeks local paper, stating that the Environment Agency propose to construct an Eel Bypass on the weir, to facilitate the passage of fish.

As a private individual, I intend to reply to this Notice, expressing my personal Safety concerns, and suggesting that it is unfortunate that the Health & Safety of the fish population proceeds that of canoeists and that if possible, consideration should be given to modifying the portage at some future date.

Can you please forward this on to All Members, with a request that any paddler who has experienced similar problems, email me with details.

Club 5km
Club 5km times have been updated in the membership section

04-Jul-10 Reading Canoe Club win Sprint Interclubs (provisional)

The provisional result of the MacGregor paddle is a win for Reading! A fantastic result thanks to the number and quality of our team of sprint paddlers. Well done everyone: paddlers, supporters, club coaches and of course team lead Rebecca.

The team did the new flag proud!

04-Jul-10 More European Sprint medals for GB
The GB sprint team had another great day at the European Championships on Sunday, pulling in two more Golds and a Bronze.
Ed McKeever paddled to Gold in the men’s 200m K1, with Liam Heath and Jonny Schofield taking Gold in the 200m K2.
Rachel Cawthorn revisited the podium, this time for a Bronze medal in the women’s 500m K1.
Tim Brabants was on track as he returns to the team, achieving a good 4th in the men’s 500m K1. The women’s K2 (Sawers/Walker) made the A final in both distances, as did the women’s K4 (Edmonds/Hannah/Hawkey/Mason) in women’s K4 500m.
Read the full write-up for Saturday on the GB Canoeing website

04-Jul-10 Sprinting Successes
The weekend is going well both for GB and for RCC.
The GB team are competing in Trasona (Spain) at the Canoe Sprint European Championships, where Rachel Cawthorn has just become the new European Champion in 1000m K1. The men’s K4 (Daniels/Farrell/Hastings/Wycherley) made the A final, as did the men’s K2 (Boyton/Rutherford), and men’s K1 (Brabants). Read the full write-up for Saturday on the GB Canoeing website. Congratulations to Rachel, coach Miklos, and all the GB Sprint Team.

Meanwhile Reading has sent a strong team up to the Sprint Interclubs (MacGreggor Paddle) at Nottingham. As at Saturday evening Reading was in first place on points. Go Reading!

Stop press: Word from the regatta is that we are 9 points ahead as at Sunday lunchtime and spirits are high. Conditions are not great as there are strong headwinds and drifting weed across the lanes. Quote from Jess Collins : “The new flag looks great” (which is about all the sense I could get out of them). We look forward to the team photo. Word from team leader Rebecca is that the team is quietly optimistic but not counting its chickens yet. All the paddlers, both new and established, have thrown themselves into the competition and given it their all. Saturday night was party night on the campsite, it being Jess’s birthday, and the atmosphere in Camp Reading was great as they got ready for the final push on Sunday.

30-Jul-10 Meet sprint canoe star Rachel Cawthorn
More coverage on the BBC, get a little more insight into GB’s very own crochet ball of fire.

Sprint Racing
Club or Country? No not football Europeans or Interclubs. Good luck to everyone racing at both events. Rain is forecasted for Sunday in Nottingham.

29-Jun-10 Reading 5k 17-July-10 [PDF]
New event for 2010 Reading 5k, two 5km race one in K1 the second in K4. Race details

Reading K4 [PDF]
The annual K4 race over 10km, if you can’t put a crew together and still want to race lets us know via email.

28-Jun-10 Southampton Hasler [Results]
Race ran smoothly, weather was excellent. We managed to get a small but good quality team of 14 paddlers, achieving excellent results. Banbury were unable to continue their run of 50+ paddlers, which is a shame.

Reading Promotions

Lee Atkins P5
Matthew Walker P5
Hayley Blackwell P5
Hannah Sealey P6
Number of racing seats

Southampton 47
Banbury 33
Basingstoke 32
Pangbourne 19

Date change, now the 8-August-2010

Pirates of the Cavershean!
A big thank you to our new Social Secretary Sophine Keay for organising an excellent event on Saturday, the standard for canoe club social has just been set. There are plenty of pictures on Facebook, we will try and get some on the site very soon.

Marthon World Cup [Site]
Think this was the first marathon world cup of the season, team GB brought home 4 medals. Good job!

Junior Men K1 3rd Jon Tye (Worcester)
7th Albert Hicks (Norwich)
Junior Women K1 1st Jenny Illidge (Runcorn)
Senior Women K1 5th Claire Gunney (Wey)
Senior Men K1 1st Ben Brown (Elmbridge)
7th Jon Simmons (Wey)
DNF John Sawers (Elmbridge)
Junior Men K2 8th Tom Deacon/Oli Rix (Addlestone/Norwich)
Junior Women K2 1st Vicky Croucher/Alice Haws (Wey)
Senior Men K2 6th Ben Bradshaw/Aaron Jordan (Norwich/Maidstone)

27-Jun-10 July Nottingham – Interclubs
358 Races – Interclubs looks as if it will be a cracker this year – especially if the weather holds out! The timetable and programme are now out on the Wey Website – watch out for some early starts and late finishes! We are intending to have a club BBQ on the Saturday evening, and, who knows, if we’re lucky maybe our favourite piratesses, Treasure and Rowena, will put in an apperance! More on the BBQ and boat allocation later. We are also hoping to hold the Grand Unfurling of the Club Flag at the Regatta

Rebecca – Sprint Leader

24-Jun-10 Canoe Training Days
Couple of canoe training days for your calendar Richmond 11-July and Wey 25-July – see details

Hasler Final Qualification
With only three events left is the club qualification race over? Latest table

24-Jun-10 Club BBQ
Don’t forget club BBQ this weekend – “The Pirates of the Caversheam” fancy dress is strongly recommended. Kick off at 18:00!

Southampton Hasler
This weekend the southern region competition heads to Southampton for splash and dash on the estuary. Check out the race details

Oxford Hasler
Well done to everyone who attended Oxford last weekend, feedback so far has all been positive. There was a distinct lack of rail crossing this year which disappointed some paddlers, but probably pleased the orgnaisers. The club took top spot again, Banbury put out another 50 plus strong team for 3rd race in row! Results have been published on MRC site

Reading Promotions

James Keeble P2
Oliver Jarrett P4
Amber Owen P5
Debbie Cane P5
Alan Abby P5
Ben Jones P5
Dominic Hutchinson P7
Gregory Chalk P7
Number of racing seats

Banbury 51
Falcon 49
Basingstoke 23
Southampton 23
Reading 21
Ealing 24

17-Jun-10 Marathon Team Leader
After several years of loyal service Phil Ede is standing down as marathon team leader, James Keeble will be take over after the Southampton Hasler.

Camel Hasler
Not exactly local, but certainly worth a trip check race details or club website

Members Only News Group
Ever had a question about the club? Want to catch the latest news or just ask for advice here’s your medium

Subscribe to reading-canoe

15-Jun-10 Pangbourne
Pangbourne results are now up on the MRC site, well done to all our club promotion

Banbury are turning out some amazing numbers, for the third event (51 at Basingstoke, 44 at Reading) in a row the hard the largest team.

Reading Promotions

Sam Kirschstein P4
Joe Foster P4
Huw Myatt P4
Richard Davey P5
Brian Hammond P5
Matthew Walker P6
Sophie Keay P6
Catherine Walker P6
Dominic Hutchinson P8
Number of racing seats

Banbury 51
Pangbounre 40
Southampton 30
Reading 28
Basingstoke 25
Ealing 24

14-Jun-10 Pangbourne Hasler
Looks like everyone enjoyed Pangbourne Hasler yesterday, the club enjoy strong showing in division 9 taking the top three place – Rich (P5), Matt (P5) and Sophie (P6) – respectively. We await the official results on the MRC site.

Missing Boat Lead
Anyone seen Flora’s boat weight? 5.5kg of lead, duck taped and initial. If found please can it be return, saving the owner considerable inconvenience and cost.

11-Jun-10 Pangbourne Hasler
The division 3 race is K1 not K2 as per the race details

10-Jun-10 June Regatta [Results]
Warm , wet and weedy conditions with a reduced turnout of paddlers (exam time!) saw Reading paddlers largely consolidating and improving their positions within their respective classes. Although there were no Reading promotions this month, Imogen Collins, Ben Colyer and Nico Kirschstein must have impressed as they have all been selected to race crew boats at the Bochum International Regatta next weekend (18th-20th June.)

Probably the standout result of the regatta for Reading were the performances of Nico and Ben in their K2, finishing Ist in boys A 500 K2 and competing in Men’s A for the 1000m. Also in Boys A, some good finishes from Andrew Potterton must see him making Final 1 very soon.
Henry Hellawell just missed out on a top 3 finish in his first outing in Boys C and Amber Owen finished 4th in final 1 of girls B 500 K1, beating some very well established girls B paddlers in the process. With her partner, Bethan Owen of Addlestone (no relation), Amber also stormed to 3rd place in the K2 event.It was good to see Tom Mainprize back competing at Nottingham and holding his own in men’s B, whilst Carl Lofthouse, despite his current lack of paddling opportunities, finished 2nd in Mens C 200 K1. Last (but by no means least!) Tony Potterton and Paul Ralph finished 2nd in Masters C/D 500 K2 – all of these results indicating a strong team challenge at interclubs in July.

For full results please visit the Wey website

10-Jun-10 June Newsletter
This month’s newsletter is now available in the membership section, as is the 5km results.

Rowing Regatta
This weekend see the annual Reading Town Rowing Regatta, from Caversham Bridge to above St Mary’s Island will be jammed with rowers. There will be navigation control in place. Racing starts at 09:00 on both days and continues until late afternoon. Good reason to escape to Pangbourne Hasler on Sunday

ICF Athlete of the Month: Rachel Cawthorn
Couple ICF articles following the World Cup 3 in Duisburg, GB triple World Cup medal winner Rachel Cawthorn is named athlete of the month. Plus a write up of day two

World Cup 3 – Duisburg
Full GB results, I think I have them all there is a lot! Got there in the end

Men 200m K1
3rd Edward MCKEEVER

Men 200m K2

Women 200m K1
3rd Rachel CAWTHORN

Women 200m K2
8th Abigail EDMONDS / Hayleigh MASON

Women 1000m K1
1st Rachel CAWTHORN

Men 1000m K1

Men 1000m K2
8th Jonathon BOYTON / Edward RUTHERFORD

Men 1000m K4

Women 1000m K1
1st Rachel CAWTHORN

Women 1000m K2
3rd Jessica WALKER/ Louisa SAWERS

Men 500m K1

Men 500m K2
8th Jonathon BOYTON / Edward RUTHERFORD

Women 500m K1
1st Rachel CAWTHORN

Women 500m K2
4th Jessica WALKER/ Louisa SAWERS

Women 500m K4

New Club Kit
The new kit supplier will be at the club on Thursday night from 6.00pm until 8.15pm with samples for members to try on and to take orders.

The new kit includes Hoodies,Tracksuits,Softshell jackets,Training T-shirts,Polo shirts and a kitbag. All come with the club logo,club name and your initials printed as part of the cost.(Parents no need to label club kit again!!!!! )

07-Jun-10 World Cup 3
More success and results than you can shake a stick! We will get round to list all the results, there is a lot! Well done Team GB. Rachel Cawthorn won 2 out 3 events (BBC Coverage), the 200m K2 of Jonathan Schofield / Liam Heath won again and Ede Mckeever was 3rd 200m K1. More to follow…

Nottingham Regatta
This week also saw our third National regatta, photo’s suggest the weather was better than May. We awaiting the results on the Wey site, roll on Interclubs!
USERNAME: sprint_regatta2
PASSWORD: nikon3617

03-Jun-10 Sobeka 2010 [INVITE][INFO]
All the little Belgium regattas are fun and some not so little and Sobeka is no exception. All offer camping, accommodation and food options all at very resonable prices.

Great Britain’s kayakers win two gold medals in Hungary [BBC]
Our 200m World Cup Medal winners get BBC coverage

03-Jun-10 Royal Canoe Club Marathon 13-June-2010
Please check out the Royal Hasler details

03-Jun-10 Childrens Festival
The RCC’s Childrens Festival Sessions were hugely successful this year, with around 130 youngsters getting a taste of paddling. Many thanks to all involved in organising, coaching and helping both on and off the water. 130 kids to be got onto the water, 130 times setting up and putting away boats, and 130 sets of booking and admin amounts to a lot of work for our volunteers. Well done everyone.