News – May 2011

31-May-2011 Royal Hasler
The Royal Canoe Club hasler marathon takes place on Sunday 12th June with portage free racing for Divisions 4 and below, Divisions 1- 3 K1 only. Towpath access to whole route. Car parking in adjacent free public car park or on local streets. Modern changing rooms in new island clubhouse. Check-in in mainland clubhouse with e-mail entries accepted up to Friday 10th June. Paddlers food, plus extra sandwiches and cakes by Janet available. More details on Royal Canoe Club website, or email entries

31-May-2011 Reading Hasler Results
Hopefully everyone enjoyed the event. 303 seats says we are doing something right? But feedback is always welcome – please send any comments to info. Results are now available here.Check out our resident photographer snaps on flicker

World Cup 3
Final GBR World Cup results summary (almost). Can’t find the 5km results can anyone help?

1000m Heat Semi Final
K1 Paul Wycherley 3rd to Semi 2nd to A Final A Final 7th
K2 Tom Hide/Ed Rutherford 7th to Semi 9th out
K2 Matt Welch/Tim Pendle 5th to Semi 8th out
K4 Farrell/Daniels/Wycherley/Boyton 5th to Semi 5th B Final B Final 4th
C1 James Train 3rd to Semi 5th to B Final B Final 4th
C1 James Styan 8th out
C2 Matt Sollars/ Mario Santos Costa 6th to Semi 7th to B Final B Final 9th
C1 James Styan 3rd to Semi 5th to B Final
C2 Matt Sollars/ Mario Santos Costa 7th to Semi 8th out
K2 Ed Cox Kristian Reeves 9th out
K1 Ed Cox 4th or 5th 7th to C Final B Final 4th
K1 Kristian Reeves 4th or 5th 7th out
C1 Richard Jefferies 3rd to Semi 6th to B Final C Final 7th
K1 Rachel Cawthorn 4th to Semi 1st to A Final A Final 4th
K2 Angela Hannah/Lani Belcher 7th to semi 2 to A Final A Final 4th
K4 Walker/Mason/Sawers/Edmonds 1st to A Final A Final 1st
K4 Brown/Ayres/Hawkey/Towers 5th to Semi 6th to B Final B Final 8th
K1 Jessica Walker 3rd to A Final A Final 5th
K1 Hannah Brown 8th to C Final C Final 5th
K1 Lani Belcher

The timetable and programme for the June Regatta are now up on the Wey website.A sign up sheet for the Interclubs Regatta in July will shortly be appearing on the club noticeboard. If we are to have any chance of retaining The Macgregor Paddle, we need to take another large team up to Nottingham with us – 40+ paddlers turned out for Reading last year – let’s see if we can do it again this. Mums (or Dads) K4 anyone?

If there any paddlers at the club who are new or have not experienced a Nottingham regatta then Interclubs is the one to start with. If you are not sure what it involves then chat to other club members or contact Rebecca, Sprint Lead.

28-May-2011 Reading Hasler
Update: Few more entries and couple of corrections – pre-entriesWorld Cup 3 – Update
Race organises have change the format on the website again, possible not go all that smoothly from adminstration point of view. The GB Team preformance is pretty still pretty impresive. Plus two more A Finals tomorrow

28-May-2011 WC3 Ladies K4 GOLD
Paul achieved a very respectable 7th and Rachel 4th

27-May-2011 Reading Hasler
Few more entries and couple of corrections – pre-entries

27-May-2011 World Cup 3updated 21:28
With so many boats to follow, just going to keep updating the one table. Walker/Mason/Sawers/Edmonds fastest qualifier to A-Final. Good job! Event Site is promising live feed over the weekend.So far two A Finals – Paul Wycherley, Ladies K4 – qualifying well!
5 B Finals

1000m Heat Semi Final
K1 Paul Wycherley 3rd to Semi 2nd to A Final Final 7th
K2 Tom Hide/Ed Rutherford 7th to Semi 9th out
K2 Matt Welch/Tim Pendle 5th to Semi 8th out
K4 Farrell/Daniels/Wycherley/Boyton 5th to Semi 5th B Final B Final 4th
C1 James Train 3rd to Semi 5th to B Final B Final 4th
C1 James Styan 8th out
C2 Matt Sollars/ Mario Santos Costa 6th to Semi 7th to B Final B Final 9th
C1 James Styan 3rd to Semi 5th to B Final
C2 Matt Sollars/ Mario Santos Costa 7th to Semi 8th out
K2 Tom Hide/Ed Rutherford
K2 Ed Cox Kristian Reeves 9th out
K1 Ed Cox
K1 Kristian Reeves
C1 Richard Jefferies
K1 Rachel Cawthorn 4th to Semi 1st to A Final A Final 4th
K2 Angela Hannah/Lani Belcher
K4 Walker/Mason/Sawers/Edmonds 1st to A Final A Finla 1st
K4 Brown/Ayres/Hawkey/Towers 5th to Semi 6th to B Final B Final 8th
K1 Jessica Walker
K1 Hannah Brown
K1 Lani Belcher

26-May-2011 Reading Hasler
Entries are starting to come in….

25-May-2011 World Cup 3
With the dust barely settled on the second World Cup race, Team GB are in action again at the third World Cup race in Duisburg this weekend. A popular venue with both athletes and fans.There are some changes in the team, with some new faces and changes to established boats. Good luck! See GB Canoeing

K1 Rachel Cawthorn
K2 Angela Hannah/Lani Belcher
K4 Jessica Walker/Hayley Mason/Louisa Sawers/Abigail Edmonds
Hannah Brown/ Phoebe Ayres/ Jenna Hawkey/ Vicky Towers
K1 Jessica Walker Hannah Brown
Relay Jessica Walker/ Rachel Cawthorn/ Hayleigh Mason/ Abigail Edmonds
K1 Lani Belcher
K1 Paul Wycherley
K2 Tom Hide/Ed Rutherford Matt Welch/Tim Pendle
K4 Ben Farrell/Andrew Daniels/Paul Wycherley/Jon Boyton
C1 James Train James Styan
Matt Sollars/ Mario Santos Costa
K2 Tom Hide/Ed Rutherford Ed Cox/Kristian Reeves
K1 Ed Cox Kristian Reeves
Relay Ed Cox, Kristian Reeves, Andrew Daniels, Ben Farrell
C1 Richard Jefferies


23-May-2011 Reading Hasler Race 29-May-2011[PDF]
Probably the best Hasler race of the season? Reading Hasler Details
If you fancy a warm up, the K2 assessment at Wokingham could be an optionWorld Cup 2 – Girl Power
The 1000m men raced at World Cup 2 with the best result going to Hide & Rutherford achieving 7th in the B-Final. The crew beat Boyton & Wycherley in the semi’s en route to what I think is there first B-Final(?). Edward Mckeever made it 2 from 2, despite being pushed all the way to line resulting in a close photo finish. Heath & Schofield brought home the second silver of their 2011 campaign, but surely will be looking at ways to beat the French.

It’s fair to say the ladies team certainly stole the show with everyone bring home a medal! An amazing job and what ever you are doing, keep doing it. It’s not really possible to pick the best performance when everyone performed so well.

Third World Cup is this weekend in Duisburg, Germany – a popular course with all athletes. We should be expecting a very strong German team in order to satisfy home fans and sponsors.

BBC: Ed Mckeever, Rachael Cawthorn

Summary of results from the weekend

Paddler Round Race Boat Position
Jessica Walker A-Final 200m K1 3rd
Rachael Cawthorn A-Final 500m K1 3rd
Belcher/Hannah A-Final 500m K2 3rd
Edmonds/Walker/Hayleigh/Sawers A-Final 500m K4 2nd
Belcher Lani Final 5km K1 1st
Edward Mckeever A-Final 200m K1 1st
Andrew Daniels C-Final 200m K1 5th
Heath/Schofield A-Final 200m K2 2nd
Cox/Reeves B-Final 200m K2 5th
Hide / Rutherford B-Final 500m K2 4th
Brabants B-Final 1000m K1 9th
Hide/Rutherford B-Final 1000m K2 7th
Boyton/Wycherley Semi 1000m K2
Farrall/Wycherley/Brabants/Daniels B-Final 1000m K4 9th
Richard Jefferies B-Final 200m C1 8th
James Train B-Final 1000m C1 5th
Matthew Lawrence B-Final 1000m C1 6th


17-May-11 Marathon Team Leader

James Keeble has taken up the marathon team leader role again after his 7 month trip to New Zealand. A big thank you to Graeme Chalk who covered while James was away.James has got his work cut out with only 10 paddlers making it to Basingstoke. Hasler Final qualification does not look assured.

Basingstoke Hasler
A small 10 man team attended the Basingstoke Hasler. Despite all paddlers finishing well, the club could only manage 5th on the day. Top results go to James Keeble (1st Div 2) and Fred Kemp (2nd U10) with Fred taking his first medal in his paddling career!

Club Points Points
Southampton CC 235 10
Banbury & District 228 9
Basingstoke CC 226 8
Pangbourne CC 189 7
Reading CC 129 6
Falcon CC 123 5
Longridge CC 94 4
Wokingham CC 93 3
Cokethorpe School CC 20 2
Bourne End Jun Sports Club 9 1

Summer Fun Day 16-July-2011
The date for RDG Summer Soical has been set for Saturday 16th July and will involve fun and games on the river, drinks and a BBQ. James and Brian are taking on the organisational roles and we are currently looking for a suitable theme like last year’s Pirates of the Caversheam….. It needs to provide Owen with the option of dressing like a lady (though I am aware that many of you are still scarred from last years experience of this). All ideas to James.

12-May-11 5km Results
Latest 5km results

11-May-11 May Regatta & Sprint Items
Another smallish team attended the May Regatta and did well to hold their own in some very gusty conditions, particularly on Sunday. Star performance was from Sam Kirschstein-Smith, who now joins his brothers in Boys A, knocking 8 secs off his PB in his heat of 1000m – congratulations go out to him. The full results are now available on the Wey website.The sign up sheet for the June regatta is up ( but has now disappeared – so a duplicate will be up asap.) ALL PADDLERS WISHING TO ATTEND ,PLEASE SIGN UP BY THIS COMING MONDAY (16th) . With Interclubs looming in July, it may be a good opportunity to have a practice run for a few more paddlers.

Finally, good luck to Nico and Amber who are off to paddle internationally at The Pas De Calais Regatta in Boulogne this weekend.

9-May-11 Reading Hasler Race 29-May-2011[PDF]
Probably the best Hasler race of the season? Reading Hasler Details

8-May-11 World Cup 1 – 200m Finals
The 200m boys bring home two medals

K1 200m A Final Mckeever 1st

K2 200m A Final Heath / Schofield 2nd
B Final Reeves / Cox 1st

7-May-11 World Cup 1 – 200m
The 200m boys pick up where they left off, finals tomorrow. Couple of articles on GB Canoeing

K1 200m H1 Mckeever 1st to Semi
Semi Mckeever 1st to A Final

K2 200m H2 Heath / Schofield 1st to A Final
H2 Reeves / Cox 3rd to Semi
Semi Reeves / Cox 4th to B Final

So the mens results stack up like

K1 200m 1st
K2 200m 2nd, 10th
K1 1000m 11th
K2 1000m 6th, 15th
K4 1000m 8th

7-May-11 World Cup 1
This morning 1000m results, Belarus took second and third in the K4 race

K1 1000m B Final Brabants 2nd

K2 1000m B Final Hide/Rutherford 6th
A Final Boyton/Wycherley 6th

K4 1000m A Final Farrel/Wycherley/Brabants/Daniels 8th

Bedford Assessment Race
Has anyone seen the results for the Bedford assessment and Hasler race?

Number of adverts have recently expired, please re-submit if you still require them

6-May-11 Sprint Weekend
In addition to the second National regatta at Nottingham this weekend, the club is also represented by Daniels_Andrew (Mens K4) at the first 2011 World Cup in Poznan. The K4 and one of the K2s has already qualified for the A Finals on Saturday. There is coverage on Eurosport – Full results can be found on – summary UK results below.

K1 1000m Heat Brabants 2nd to SF
Semi Brabants 4th B Final

K2 1000m Heat Hide/Rutherford 5th to SF
Heat Boyton/Wycherley 2nd to SF
Semi Hide/Rutherford 6th to B Final
Semi Boyton/Wycherley 2nd to A Final

K2 500m Heat Hide/Rutherford 7th to SF
Semi Hide/Rutherford 4th to B Final

K4 1000m Heat Farrel/Wycherley/Brabants/Daniels 5th to SF
Semi Farrel/Wycherley/Brabants/Daniels 2nd to A Final

Club Handicap Results
The club handicap race takes place every Monday evening, one 5km lap taking in both St Mary’s and De Montfort islands. All welcome, club and non-club members alike. Previous results

20-Apr-11 SPRINT NEWS[Rebecca Jennings]
A small Reading team enjoyed the sunny and calm conditions at Nottingham last weekend for the April regatta. Although there were no promotions for Reading paddlers this time, there were some stand out performances – Amber and Sam K in their respective B finals and a memorable 500 k2 performance from Ben C and Nico who came a very close second in their final. There were other good performances which indicate that some promotions shouldn’t be too far off. Full resultsCongratulations also to Nico Kirschstein and Amber Owen who have been selected to compete at the Boulogne International on 13-15th May.

If any one fancies some more sprinting this weekend, Richmond Sprints are on Good Friday.

18-Apr-11 Elmbridge Sprints 12-May-2011
Elmbridge sprints poster [PDF]

13-Apr-11 Waterside D – Omission
We missed out couple of heavy weights from the Waterside D race report. Peter Mainprizes & Brian Hammond came 10th in Veteran K2 in time of 6:05. Well done boys!


Debbie Atkins (RCC) is partnering Sandra Jeffs (Longridge) for this year’s DW in the Senior Doubles Class, following in their husband’s footsteps but not wakes (the girls are faster!) Debbie and Sandra are a novice crew who took to the water for the first time just after Easter last year doing much of their training at Reading. They are racing in an Orange Condor, numbered 301 and racing to raise money for The Childhood Eye Cancer Trust:’s husband Lee is confined to the bank this year in support mode, along with Matt Walker who are both looking forward to imparting lots of wisdom along the course, such as why you should not let go of your paddle after a capsize in the dark at Marsh, why chilli and curries as race food are not good for the digestion, why you should not put in to the weir stream at Staines with the Thames in flood…….the list goes on……

Both girls are extremely grateful to all the club members that have encouraged them along the way and assisted with their training, Mark King for his patience and Martin too for their teaching.
The girls will pin a race schedule on the notice board should you wish to come and see them along the course on Saturday or Sunday. With just eleven days to go the nerves are kicking in but crew relations are good, some of the time…………………

11-Apr-11 Coms Meeting Tonight
Quick reminder for tonight Coms meeting after club 5km handicap – all welcome!Waterside D
The final leg of the 88 mile and 110 portage marathon that is the waterside series was greeted with stunning blue skys and very light winds.Temperatures climbed to 20 degrees for spectators who lined the portages to see the canoes come past.

The Reading Paddlers performed to their usual high standards.

Senior Mens K2
Dan Seaford and Dave Coulson 4th 4:51:25 (pipped in an epic sprint to the line by 1 second for 3rd place)

Senior Ladies K2
Flora Jayne-Coupe and Charlotte Ellis 3rd 5:50:31
Kate Jayne-Coupe and Emilly Chalk 4th 5:50:40

Ladies K1
Gail Battison 4th 6:15:08

In the series they following results were achieved.

Senior Mens K2 Dan Seaford and Dave Coulson 2nd 12:09:16

Senior Ladies K2 Kate Jayne-Coupe and Emilly Chalk 2nd 14:39:12 ( both of these crews are Junior boats and still have another year as juniors

Senior Ladies K2Flora Jayne-Coupe and Charlotte Ellis 3rd 15:04:22 so a great result for them.)

Ladies K1 Gail Battison 4th 16:01:54

A special mention must go to the “Basingstoke Twins” Isobel and Naomi Smith who not only broke the Race D record on the day but also set new Ladies K2 series and Junior Ladies K2 series records in 13:19:06 a stunning performance over the 4 races.

Finally thanks to Newbury Canoe Club for their excellent organization of the series.

Other record breakers: Brown & Jordan from Maidstone took the Mixed K2 serise record, Brown & Lawler took the D Senior K2 record from Wells & Wells 1990

The timetable for next weekend’s regatta is now available on the Wey website.Please be aware that the 1000m races are now on Saturday and 500m on Sunday. If this affects your availability to race, please let Rebecca know asap.

Also, the deadline for signing up for the May regatta (7th-8th May) is Monday 18th April, so a signing up sheet will be on the notice board shortly and entries will be finalised at the April regatta.

Rebecca Jennings (Sprint Lead)

7-Apr-11 Fun Session
The under 10 fun session will be every Thursday @ 16:30 and Monday @17.30 from 5-May until September (except holiday dates). Over 10 Fun Session (TBC)In addition to the above there will be a BCU One & Two Star Course on Thursday evenings from 17:30 to 18:30 from 5th May to 9th June  (inclusive) and another on Thursday evenings from 17:30 to 18:30 from 16th June to 21st July (inclusive). These courses are for adults and juniors (12+) but are serious closed cockpit and open canoe technique sessions for club members only (maximum 6 per course).

Please email for bookings

Please be aware that there is a pair of Grebe and Coote nesting (jointly shared) in the backwater behind St Mary’s Islands, until they have finished doing there bit please avoid using that channel. Couple of pictures taken 2-April to save you going to have look Pic1 Pic2

6-Apr-11 Coms Meeting
Next communication meeting is Monday 11-April after the club handicap

28-Mar-11 Waterside C
The day started on the cool side but improved as it went on with most of Readings boats finishing in glorious sunshine. Paddling conditions were difficult with a head wind for all of the 23 mile course and water conditions that were “grippy “ according to the experienced crews due to all the work the Waterways board are doing on dredging around Hungerford.Congratulations are therefore due to Stuart West of Worcester Canoe Club who set a race record in the K1 Veteran class of 3:03:05


Senior Mens K2
David Coulson and Dan Seaford 2nd 3:08:19

Junior K2
Max Tod and Henry Hallewell 23rd 4:05:34

Ladies K2
Kate Jayne-Coupe and Emilly Chalk 5th 3:50:36 (2nd Junior ladies)
Charlotte Ellis and Flora Jayne-Coupe 6th 3:55:19 (3rd Junior Ladies)

K2 Mixed
Debbie Cane and Brian Hammond 10th 3:59:45

K1 Ladies
Gail Battison 5th 4:11:14

In the overall series after 3 races totalling 54 miles of paddling and 75 portages Reading has several crews well placed to take series honours.

Senior Mens K2
Dave and Dan 2nd 7:17:51

Ladies K2
Kate and Emilly 3rd 8:48:32
Charlotte and Flora 4th 9:13:51

Ladies K1
Gail 4th 9:46:46

Full results of Race C and the series are on the website

KCCG Marathon
MRC took a team to Gent, which included the Reading members: Sam Kirschtein-Smith (3rd u16), Joe Foster (5th u16) and Amber Owen (5th U16) – full results Will try and get a race report from one of the attendees.

…. and still paddling
Check out selection of pictures from Jean’s birthday tea at the club…

26-Mar-11 Royal K1/K2
Details and entry form for the Royal K1/K2 race from Runnymede to Teddington on Saturday 2nd April are available on the Royal website. Although entries are taken on the day, please e-mail pre-entries by 8pm Friday if possible as it speeds up check in.

The sign up sheet for the regatta is up and will be taken down on Saturday 26th March.
Any entries received after this date will be dealt with as late entries and incur additional costs as well as the possibility that there will be no race slot available.Fees for the season are the same as 2010 ie £5 per seat and £1-50 per boat for late K1 and K2 entries.

Any queries, please contact Rebecca, Sprint Leader

20-Mar-11 Thameside 2 – Provisional Results
Provisional results [here] @ 14:42

18-Mar-11 Thameside 2
Pre-entry now closed, race detail (PDF) – race entries for T2 – 219 seats / 94 boatsThameside 2 Car Parking
With this number of people you will need to use additional parking at the Rivermead Leaisure Complex, then you will have short work (100m) across the field.

ECA Sprint Regatta
This is just to remind you that the first ECA sprint regatta of 2011 is taking place tomorrow at HYMB

Information about the series in general can be seen on the ECA site

Martin Davies (HYM COPS) is the organiser for tomorrow’s event and has sent through the following details [read more…]

17-Mar-11 Thameside 2
Online entry will close this Friday at 12:00, after that you can only enter on the day.It is really important you allow extra time to reach the start due to the Reading Half Marathon. M4 J11 and parts of the A4 will be closed. So check the road closures and adjust your route accordingly. Travelling from the East you should be able to exit M4 at J10, from the West it’s a little trickier you can leave at M4 J12 and come in via Pangbourne and the A329, equally you could continue on to J10. Either option will add reasonable about of time to journey.

Allow extra time for travelling
Buoyancy Aids recommend for all – compulsory for under 16
Bring a clean vertical number board
Bring your BCU card regardless
Dress suitably for the conditions

Waterside B – Correction
Slightly embarrassing, we missed a 3rd record breaking time on last Sunday – Lizzie Broughton & Fay Lamph took over four minutes of the senior Ladies K2 record.

Thameside 1 – Lost Property
Lost from Mens changing room blue, black and grey Berghaus backpack. It contained wet kit, there is business card in the side pocket with contact details or email info.

13-Mar-11 Thameside 2
All the T2 entries taken at T1 have been added – See full entries for T2 so far…As the weather this week looks promising the aim is to run the normal race without additional competency checks.

If this remains the case online entry will remain open until 12:00 Friday 18-March-2011. However, the situation may change! So please check the website regularly

This year the event clashes with Reading Half Marathon, so check your route to the start and ensure you allow plenty of time to get to check in!

Waterside B
Waterside B was well attended. The good conditions resulted in two course records being broken. Provisional results on the site already

Senior Mens K2
1 Ben Brown & Ivan Lawler (ELM) 1:58:20
Junior / Vet K2
1 Jonathan Tye & Stuart West (WOR) ???
Senior Mens K2
5 David Coulson & Daniel Seaford (RDG) 2:21:15
Ladies K2
8 Emily Chalk & Kate Jayne-Coupe (RDG) 2:45:42
10 Bethan Owen & Amber Owen (RDG/ALD) 2:46:50
12 Charlotte Ellis (LBZ) & Flora Jayne-coupe (RDG) 2:55:41
above are junior boats
Vet K2
11 Brian Hammond & Peter Mainprize (RDG) 2:47:29
13 Nigel Frankland & Paul Toomey (RDG) 2:50:02
9 John Drummond & Catherine Drummond (RDG) 2:52:19
19 Max Todd (RDG) & Ellie Walker-Palmer (PAN) 3:18:47
Senior Ladies K1
6 Gail Battison (RDG) 3:07:27

7-Mar-11 Thameside 2 Entries – Open
Pre-entries (online) for Thameside 2 now open! Very important that you check this site regularly as river conditions could result in either tighter safety regulations or even a course change.Will aim to keep pre-entries open till noon Friday 18th, however, changes in conditions may result in an earlier deadline.

Currently not all pre-entries taken at Thameside 1 have been uploaded, this might not happen until the weekend.

6-Mar-11 Saturday 12th River Closure
Please note that the University Head of the River (rowing) race will be held on our stretch of the Thames on Sat 12th. The University have booked our hall for the event, and the river will be closed from 10.30am.
B Greenham

6-Mar-11 Thameside 1 Results
First of all – well done to everyone for a great race with a bumper entry. The results are now available here or as pdf file Thameside 1 Results PDF.
Many thanks to all the RCC members who worked so hard to make it such a successful event.Congratulations to RCC’s Gail Battison for winning Ladies K1. In Mixed K2 we had RCC rival boats John & Cath Drummond in second, with Dave Sackman and Sue Gray close behind in third. In Junior Ladies K2 we had Amber Owen coming third with partner Bethan Owen of ADS. Also getting third position (in Vets K2) RCC’s Lee Atkins & Matt Walker. Well done to all our prize-winners.
In the junior categories we also had Max Todd (JM K1), Errol Drummond (JM K2) and Flora Jayne-Coupe (JF K2) racing – good to these junior paddlers taking on the long races.

1-Mar-11 Thameside 1 Entries Closed
Pre-entries for Thameside have closed. You can still enter on the day – 162 seat pre-entered in 90 boats – check out whos enteredEveryone needs to bring their BCU card regardless of how they entered

Please look at the weather and come prepared

18-Feb-11 Waterside A
It was a little wet and muddy, but otherwise seemed to pass without major incident. Provisional results already posted on the websiteThameside 1 Entries – Close 1-March 12:00
Pre-entries (online) for Thameside 1 will close slightly earlier than intially advertised – late entries will still be avaliable on the day – additional £3 charge

18-Feb-11 Waterside A
The check in procedure for the waterside series has changed this year. If you have an entry in Waterside A please visit the web site and look at the RACE A check-in list which has allocated specific check in times for each crew. [website]Thameside Entries
Thameside entries are start to roll in for Thamesides, enter online now or check who already entered

11-Feb-11 Gent Marathon
The Gent marathon takes place on Saturday 26th March. As usual, the Marathon Committee will be inviting up to 25 athletes to join a trip to the race. This event does not involve a full GB team, so there are no performance-based selections. Invitations will be made on the basis of consistent recent interest and progress towards becoming international marathon racers. Priority will be given to juniors aged 15-16 but others outside this age group may register their interest.To register your interest please leave names and the contact details of your coach/parent using this online formYou have until MONDAY 21ST FEBRUARY to register interest. If you have any questions about this event or your eligibility to be considered, please email Dyson Pendle

08-Feb-11 Thamesides – Online Entry – NOW OPEN [Details PDF]
Thameside entry this year is online only with payment via cheque, PayPal or credit card (via PayPal). Closing date for entries will be noon on the Friday before each race.Some tweaks have already been made but please continue to report any difficulties or suggested improvements via email. See race details

Website Update
Check out the new look Elmbrdige website

08-Feb-11 St Laurent Blangy
Last weekend, a development team went and raced in France at St Laurent Blangy. Race day was Sunday, and after a very early start, we all began with a 2km time trial. All of us enjoyed this and thought it went well. We had to wait until after lunch to see the results, and who would be in the finals. All of the team had made a final and all the girls positioned in the top ten in their age categories.Amber Owen from Reading came 8th in the time trial and 3rd in final 2.

Overall it was a good weekend enjoyed by all.

Report by Amber Owen

2-Feb-11 MRC Rules Changes 2011 – Re-Wording
Rule 28 Competing in a crew boat –in Regional Hasler races the basic averaging of each paddler’s ranking continues to apply, BUT paddlers ranked in divisions 1, 2 or 3 must race in a 12 mile K2 race and paddlers ranked in divisions 4, 5 or 6 must race in an eight mile or 12 mile K2 race. The only exception would be if there is no quorate K2 race over those distances and the crew is transferred under rule 27.

1-Feb-11 MRC Rules Changes 2011
The Race Organiser Letter outlines a number of rule changes, one certainly worht highlighting is the change to K2 racing.Rule 28 Competing in a crew boat –in Regional Hasler races the basic averaging of each paddler’s ranking continues to apply, BUT paddlers ranked in divisions 1, 2 or 3 must race in a 12 mile K2 race and paddlers ranked in divisions 4, 5 or 6 must race in an eight mile K2 race. The only exception would be if there is no quorate K2 race over those distances and the crew is transferred under rule 27.

See the letter for full details

25-Jan-11 Marathon Training Day – 30-Jan-2011[James Smythe]
If you are attending this sunday’s second K1/C1 marathon development training day at Wokingham, there are TWO THINGS TO DO…1. PLEASE COMPLETE THIS ONLINE FORM TO INDICATE YOUR ATTENDANCE AND HOT MEAL ORDERS [here]2. PLEASE BRING A CLEAN UPRIGHT NUMBER BOARD as we’ll be using boat numbers

Timings are as usual – arrive in good time for a 10am start, finish at 4pm. There will be up to 2 water sessions and one outdoor land session. Bring the necessary kit including for portaging.

Any questions, please email Dyson Pendle as I will not be attending.

16-Jan-11 Racing Calendar
The MRC racing calendar is now available as a Google CalendarFor the luddites, you can download a Excel spreadsheet, however, this will not be maintained i.e. any changes to dates will not be reflected in this spreadsheet (especially if you have print out and stuck it to your fridge) – you have been warned.

14-Jan-11 River Status Red
The river is rising and increasing considerably in flow and the river status board is currently set at RED. This means that on Saturday morning paddlers need to be under the supervision of a coach. No club boats may be used unless a level 3 coach gives the go ahead. Brian Greenham is a level 3 coach and expects to be at the club in the morning and will advise paddlers according to the conditions. Dan Colyer will make a decision about the format of training for his group in the morning.

10-Jan-11 Entries for Waterside Series open
Entries are open for the Waterside Series 2011.Please remember that the A race is pre-registration only and in recent years has been oversubscribed. The races are a few weeks later this year due to the late Easter holiday so the weather may be a little warmer than recent years . See the Watersides website for further details of the race.
If you intend to do the whole series please let me know as it would be good to enter a Reading team in the team competition.  Graham Chalk – Marathon Team Leader

08-01-11 Gym Extension Survey
At the recent AGM, a proposal was raised to fill in the veranda area and convert the space into an aerobic gym area with aerobic machines. A document has been produced to survey the club members’ opinions to ensure that the membership would welcome such an enhancement to the clubs facilities. The document is available in the members’ area of the website. Please read the survey and respond with your views to Brian Greenham or Dave Sackman by 13th Feb 2011.

05-Jan-11 International Marathon Development, Winter 2010-11 [James Smythe]
The next international marathon training day will be at Wokingham on Saturday 30th January. Details can be found on the marathon canoeing website This link also includes time trial results from the training day at Elmbridge.As usual please come prepared for 2 water sessions plus land work, arriving in good time for a 10am start on the water. Updates will appear on the marathon websitePlease contact Dyson Pendle with any other enquiries.

01-Jan-11 Happy New Year
Happy New Year everyone! And a massive thank you to Sam, Tamsin and Joan for organising the fantastic RCC New Year Party. It was a huge success and we all had a great time. Excellent quiz – rather suspiciously won by team “google” and their trusty i-phones. Plenty of energetic dancing from the younger element & various shades of mortification from the more senior of us. More delicious food than you could shake a paddle at – and so much of it!! Great to see everyone having such a good time – and fireworks by the river at midnight to top it all off. Well done to everyone involved in setting it all up, running the evening, and clearing up afterward.

28-Dec-10 New Year Party Reminder
Just a reminder to those coming to the RCC New Year Party – buffet supper is included, but don’t forget that you will need to bring your own drinks. Celebrations start at 7pm.

26-Dec-10 The icy wastelands of Reading
Frozen over..

click on the photo to see larger size

22-Dec-10 Missing Seat – Mirage 4 K2
Jacqui Mullins has lost one of the low seats from her Mirage 4 K2, the seat might possible fit a Tor. Please can you check you have not pick it up by mistake.Operation Frankton Memorial [Lee Atkins]
As the club has enjoyed the past years Hasler races, the origin of the race series in memory of one of two sole surviving Royal Marines of the daring Frankton operation will be memorialised with a memorial being placed near the site of the raid in France beside the River Gironde. [Read more]

19-Dec-10 Christmas PaddleMany thanks to Nigel & Brian for organising another great Xmas paddle – and to all the helpers in boats and back at the club.

click on the photos to see larger size

A cold but very successful paddle – on Thursday a fleet of 12 juniors and adults headed down to the Oracle in Canadians, with Debbie & Sandra in K2 (part of the DW training, girls?). Plenty of fun along the way – and the bonus of finding the donut shop open for business. Back at the club there was hot chilli to help everyone defrost. There are rumours that certain paddlers slept like logs and didn’t get up very early the next day…

12-Dec-10 Christmas Paddle
The traditional RCC Christmas paddle will be on Thursday 16th December. Meeting at the club at 5pm, everyone will be paddling in Candadians (no K1s). Make sure you are dressed warmly and have a warm change of clothes for afterward. There will be hot food and drinks when you get back (baked potato & chilli £1).
If you are planning to come on the paddle then please email Nigel, or email the club address email (remove spaces) by Tuesday evening, so that we can get the boats planned and the catering sorted out.

11-Dec-10 Sprint Calendar 2011 – free from AE Photos
TThe 2011 Sprint Calendar from AE Photos / Sprintwise is available to download for free – follow the instructions at AE Photos’ Calendar page.
Great photos from Antony Edmonds/AE Photos and text from Anne Ferguson/Anna Sprintwise.
This calendar is free to all fans of AEphotos and Sprintwise (facebook links).
The calendar is A4 size and ready to be printed, or simply downloaded as a PC backdrop.

11-Dec-10 Message from Banbury CC
Dear all,
As I’m sure a lot of you are aware, Banbury and District canoe Club is currently running a fundraising campaign due to the existence of our club being under threat.
As part of the fundraising campaign we now have for sale exclusive t-shirts kindly designed by Ben Brown. T-shirts are avaliable in both pink and blue text in S, M, L and XL sizes @ £12 (including postage and packaging). T-shirts can be bought directly from our website (follow the link under the news tab or click here).
You can also find further information here regarding our fundraising campaign, and some of the other events we have running.
Any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.
Thank you for your continued support, see you all at the Watersides!
Best Regards,
Banbury and District Canoe Club.

11-Dec-10 Midlands Duathlon (Leamington race postponed)
The Midlands Duathlon series was due to start tomorrow (Sunday 12 Dec), but has been cancelled due to adverse weather conditions. A new date for the race will be announced in due course.The series of events is held at a variety of clubs in the region and continues through to the end of February 2011, the format is:
A continuous Run – Paddle – Run over 3 different courses
4k Run – 6k Paddle – 2k Run (Div 1-6 on separate starts)
2k Run – 4k Paddle – 1k Run (Div 7-9 Paddlers)
1k Run – 2k Paddle – (Lightning Paddlers)
See full details of dates and locations here (pdf file).

11-Dec-10 DW – Daylight run for elite padders in 2011
qa Due to the exceptionally late tide times in 2011 the Devizes to Westminster Race Organising Team have decided that elite paddlers will be able to do a Day Run this Easter. Read more about this, and keep an eye on DW news in general, on the DW website.

2-Dec December
Winter is certainly here, therefore take extra while on the water. Remember your lights when paddling in the dark. Paul T is selling lights with suitable bracket to fit into number holders – only £8Pool Sessions
Six pool session left – check out dates on the left.

New Year Eve Party
Tickets are selling fast, to book yours now speak to Sam Jayne-Coupe

Club Vest – In Stock
We have just taken stock of a new batch of club vests, send email if you require one.

27-Nov-10 Ross Warland Race Cancelled
The Ross Warland Memorial Canal Challenge has been CANCELLED. See Banbury’s news feed
While you’re there why not take a look at Banbury’s clubhouse appeal

24-Sept-10 Reading Canoe Club Now on Twitter
You can now follow us on twitter

24-Sept-10 British Indoor Kayaking ChampionshipsWe had a very successful weekend at the British Indoor Kayak Championships, a relatively new event to the calendar.

In these photos: Ben Colyer, Amy Dillon & Amber Owen – click for full size photo
Photos are reproduced here by kind permission of Antony Edmonds (AE Photos).
You can see the full set of Antony’s excellent photos of BIKC at
Ben Colyer took 3 Silvers (200m, 500m and 1000m) in the U18 class. Amy Dillon took 2 silvers (1000m and 500m) in the U16 class and Amber Owen took a silver (500m) and bronze (1000) in the U14 class. The event was a great success and very enjoyable with competitors from all over the world. Lights and music made for a very intense atmosphere so look out for next year’s British Indoor Kayak Championships.
Dan Colyer (Coach)


19-Nov-10 Club AGM – THIS SATURDAY
Don’t forget club AGM this Saturday 16:45 arrive for 17:00 and dinner afterwards – Agenda & Proposals
Basingstoke Canal Challenge, 12th Dec CANCELLED
With regret, Basingstoke Canal CC has cancelled the Canal Challenge on 12th DecemberThe canal will be drained and the towpath closed for emergency repairs for a section of about one mile. Sadly there is no suitable alternative portage.

Training Day
A K1/C1 training day for current or prospective international marathon paddlers is being held at Elmbridge CC on Sunday 12th December.Fuller details on timings, format and eligibility can be found at

Hasler Points Southern 2011

BANBURY 10 9 0 9 0 0 0 9 0 0 37
READING 8 10 0 5 0 0 0 10 0 0 33
BASINGSTOKE 9 8 0 8 0 0 0 8 0 0 33
FALCON 7 7 0 10 0 0 0 6 0 0 30
SOUTHAMPTON 4 6 0 7 0 0 0 7 0 0 24
PANGBOURNE 6 5 0 6 0 0 0 5 0 0 22
LONGRIDGE 2 3 0 4 0 0 0 4 0 0 13
WOKINGHAM 5 4 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 10
COKETHORPE 1 2 0 2 0 0 0 3 0 0 8
BOURNE END 1 1 0 3 0 0 0 2 0 0 7
EYOT 3 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 5
MARLOW 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2
WINDSOR 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1

14-Nov-10 RCC New Year Party
Reading CC invites members, friends and family to welcome in this coming New Year at The Club. Live music, fun at the races, home-cooked buffet, team quiz, dancing, champagne and fireworks – be there…
New Year’s eve, starts at 7pm. Tickets £7.50.
Full details here.

06-Nov-10 Dragon Boating
Are you looking for something new? How about trying out dragon boating?Leptospirosis
This information has been taken from the Banbury site, but certainly worth sharing

Lightning and Junior K1 Race
Ealing Canoe Club is to run a series of Lightning and Junior K1 races
through the winter – the usual Lightning classes plus under 12 and
under 14 singles races for boys and girls. Races are over 2 and 4
miles.The first 2 events are planned for Saturday 13th November and Saturday
11th December. Starts are from 12 noon on the canal at Ealing Canoe

For further details contact Club Secretary

05-Nov-10 Promotions from Banbury Hasler 31-Oct-2010Congratulations to the following on promotions gained at the Banbury Hasler
Joe Foster Div 3 from Div 4
Tony Potterton Div 4 from Div 5

Other recent promotions.
Steve Ozdoba Div 5 from Div 6
Jack Foster Div 6 from Div 7
Hayley Blackwell Div 4 from Div 5
Jack Kemp Div 7 from Div 8
James Kemp Div 7 from Div 8
Dominic Hutchinson Div 6 from Div 7
Rebecca Jayne-Coupe Div 7 from Div 8
Debbie Atkins Div 7 from Div 9

Can all paddlers please enter in their new divisions.

Graeme Chalk – Marathon Team Leader

1-Nov-10 Boat Registration [PDF]
Quick reminder that in order to paddle your boat on the Thames an EA licence is required, if you are BCU member or using a club boat you are automatically covered.Leptospirosis
In light of the recent tragic death of rower Andy Holmes from Weils Disease, we should be reminded of the importance of covering up cuts. It is especially important on lakes and canals as the water is not moving so much.

29-Oct-10 Annual General Meeting [PDF]
Will be held at the Canoe Club on Saturday 20 November 2010. Meeting begins at 17:00 with the usual social supper to follow at 19:00. Any members who wish to make a proposal for inclusion at the meeting should do so in writing by 6th November 2010. These should be marked for the attention of the Club Secretary and can be posted in the mailbox outside the office or sent via email

28-Oct-10 High Performance Athletes?[PDF]
We are looking for high performance athletes who train more than 6 hours a
week, who are willing to participate in a human trial. The project aims to
determine the effect of a prebiotic called Bimuno on the bacteria in the
gut, potentially reducing the risk of gastrointestinal illnesses.The study involves taking Bimuno or a placebo for a period of 4 weeks with
a follow up two weeks later. Samples of faeces, blood, urine and saliva
will be taken every two weeks to assess the effect of the product on
athletes.You will also undergo a VO2 Max test to assess maximum oxygen consumption.
During which you will exercise on an electronically braked cycle ergometer;
the power will be incrementally raised until fatigue. A gas collection bag
attached to a mouthpiece will be used to collect expired air.

You will be paid £125 for completion of the study.

If you are male or female, aged 18-55, have a BMI between 18.5 and 30 and
are in good general health, please contact Jenni or 0118 378 4536 for further

25-Oct-10 AE Photos
AEphotos has a new address it is now – To celebrate the change of address we are offering 50% off the price off any digital downloads until the end of the month.  Just use the coupon code “50percentoff” when ordering.Windsor Race Lost Property
A number of items were found in and around the club-house on Marathon Race Day.  If you think one of your paddlers may have left something behind, please drop an email with a description.  Anything left unclaimed will be disposed of.

Fancy Doing Something Extraordinary In 2011?
The Great Britain Dragon Boat racing team are seeking athletes to represent their country at the World Championships in the USA, 2011. [Read More]

22-Oct-10 Junior Training Days
Training days for juniors in marathon div 6 or lower. For K1 paddlers there will be land-based training at Reading on 7th November 2010 and water-based training at Basingstoke on 3rd April 2011. For Lightning paddlers there will be land-based training at Reading on 19th December 2010 and water-based training at Basingstoke on 17th April 2011.See full details (including how to book a place) here.

22-Oct-10 Pool Sessions
Indoor pool sessions for RCC members coming up November through to February. See all the dates & details here.

20-Oct-10 Sunday 10k Time Trials
10K time trails will be run on the following Sundays… 10k = Mapledurham and back!
31st October (for those not doing Banbury)
7th November
14th November
20th November (for those not at BIKC)
They can be paddled K1 or K2 …
Booking in from 8.30am … first start 9.00am. As with the traditional 5k Time trail the slowest will go first….
The same principle but longer length .. weather permitting on
28th November
5th December
12th December
19th DecemberThe coaches running the Time Trial may, according to conditions, restrict entry or may insist on bouyancy aids being worn.

Light refreshments will be available afterwards..

14-Oct Club Kit Website Now Live
All of the club kit can now be purchased direct from Hawkinsport via the link below. There is currently stock of all items.

11-Oct Next 2011 Hasler Race BANBURY 31st OCT [Graeme Chalk – Marathon Team Leader]
The forth of the regional Hasler races takes place on Sunday 31st October 2010 at Banbury canoe club. We will need a strong team out to give the host club a good run for their money on the Hasler points. Link to details of the race available under 2010 events.Sign up sheet will go up this week and will be available until Wednesday 27th October.Please remember to sign up for any club boats required on the sign out sheets. Please check the condition of the boat you are signing out as some club boats sustained damage at the Hasler finals and may not be in race condition!!

If you need a partner for K2 please put your name on the new “Partner Request” sheet on the board and we will try to match up paddlers.

8-Oct Watersides & Thamesides Date[James Treadgold]
Dates advertised on the Waterside Series website are wrong. Waterside B is not on the 13-Feb but the 13-Mar.

27-Feb-11 Great Bedwyn to Newbury
13-Mar-11 Newbury to Aldermaston & Back
27-Mar-11 Pewsey to Newbury
10-Apr-11 Devizes to Newbury
06-Mar-11 T1 Aldermaston to Reading
20-Mar-11 T2 Reading to Marlow

Winter 11 Program
In the membership section you will now find the time table for land based activities. Over the next week or so we will try and add some more information around the club paddler pathway and club water based sessions. 

Look out for the return of senior circuits on Tuesday and Hayley’s Core, a NEW session for Wednesday.

5-Oct Hasler Finals – Worcester [Sue Hawthorn]
Hasler Final – All Team Leaders and PaddlersOn Sunday the river was at an easy level for racing, after Sundays rain the
river has risen, it was running fast just level with the concrete portage
level last night but we expect it to fall between now and Sunday (if we can
trust the weather men and environment agency!!!).

Given the time of year and current level please ensure that you and your
paddlers have a good level of buoyancy in your boats and come prepared with
buoyancy aids for all classes just in case we need to put additional safety
measures in place.

Too Busy….
It’s been a little busy over the couple of days, with racing at Fowey, Elmbridge and the Royal Paddling Challenge (old race in the world?). Plus we need to communicate RDG Winter 11 (winter training), Windsor results (I think now errors), Club Workday 23-Oct and AGM 20-Nov. More information to follow….

Banbury Hasler 31-Oct
Fourth race of the 2011 Hasler Series for Southern Region