News – Jul 2014

31-Jul-14 Reading/Wokingham Junior Regatta
Details for this weekend’s junior regatta [here]

04-Jun-14 Reading K4 Results [Results]
Well attended race, some excellent racing. If you missed out keep an eye for our race later in the year.

Reading K4 Rac
Please find details for the Southampton Hasler on 29-June-14

30-May-14 Reading K4 Race
Please see the start list for this Sunday’s K4 race.09:00 Check in opens
10:00 A Class race
11:00 C Class race – only one race due to low entries
12:00 B Class race – full with 12 K4’s

29-May-14 Assessment Race – Pictures
A few pictures from Sunday assessment race from ntssportslocal photography

27-May-14 Reading Hasler + Assessment Race
Big thanks to all those who help run Sunday’s Hasler and assessment races. The rain stayed away, which made up for it being a little blowy. Across the course of the day we had 338 seat’s racing. As always feedback welcome, any comments, suggestion to email. Look out for our K4 race next Sunday.

Hasler Results
Assessment Results

Hasler Assessment Total
Senior 187 17 204
Junior 105 31 136
Lightning 31 31
Mini K2 12 12


22-May-14 Reading Hasler + Assessment Race
Most of the entries have been uploaded, see start list for this weekend Hasler and Assessment races.Links to course maps below, very similar to last year’s Hasler Finals BUT slightly different. Also please check the maps and attend the brief, just in case something unforeseen pop up and we need to make last minute changes.

Divsion 1-3 (12 miles)
Divsion 4-6 (8 miles)
Divsion 7-9 (4 miles)


22-May-14 Hasler Final 2014 – Qualification
A quick reminder that the number of clubs from each region is variable, dependent on the number of clubs that raced in the previous year. See F10 of the year book.

Last year 15 clubs race in the southern region and as such Southern region has 5 clubs to the final for this season.

Reading Canoe Club – You Tube Channel
We now have our own You Tube channel – keep an eye for weekly video

20-May-14 Kayak Support – Classic Swimming Event
The Henley Swim team and we run a series of open water swimming events in the Henley area. There event is taking place on 10-Aug-14 between Henley bridge and Marlow bridge and we are seeking the support of 50+ safety trained kayakers. Ideally kayakers will be a three star kayaker or above, although two star kayakers with Foundation Safety and Rescue Training or a Canoe Safety Test may also be suitable If members of your club are available to assist we offer lunch, an event t shirt (normally £20) and £30 expenses. The event starts at 8am at Henley and finishes at Marlow 3-5 hours later. Details can be found at: Can you please ask members who’d like to assist to contact me either directly or via the enquiries link on our website (

19-May-14 Basingstoke Hasler
Excellent weather for the Basingstoke Hasler yesterday, check out the result here. Well done for all those who took part, the club came 2nd overall due number of excellent personal performance.

Basingstoke Hasler
Qualification for this years Hasler Final is taking shape!

Banbury 6 10 10 10 36 6 30
Falcon 9 9 9 8 35 8 27
Reading 7 8 8 9 32 7 25
Pangbourne 10 6 6 5 27 5 22
Southampton 4 5 7 7 23 4 19
Basingstoke 8 4 4 6 22 4 18
Longridge 5 7 5 4 21 4 17
Bourne End 1 0 3 3 7 0 7
Wokingham 3 2 0 0 5 0 5
Eyot 2 3 0 0 5 0 5
Cokethorpe 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Marlow 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Newbury 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Windsor 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

12-May-14 May Regatta
Well done to those who braved Nottingham once again this year. Although the forecast was gloomy, the weather god was rather kind when it came to the rain as we hardly had any on the first day but it was made up for by the strength of the wind. The first races on Saturday already had white horses at the 1000m and the wind was supposed to increase during the day which in the end resulted in a phenomena that I had never witnessed before. More of that later…

We started off brilliantly in the 200m with Fred reaching Final 1, Stephanie getting a 3rd in Final 2 and Immie coming 2nd with Nicole Williams in K2. In the 1000m Hafsa made a 6th place in her first Final A and Sam reached his first Mens A A Final. Hafsa then had to brave this distance again in K2 and succeeded in getting 3rd place with her K2 partner Blackman from Gailey. ‘Brave‘ is the word to use as by this time the waves were getting really large and with every stroke the boats went under water.
When the Mens A/ Boys A K2 boats came to the start line at 5pm it was like watching corks popping around on the open sea and within 50m after the start boats started sinking. From 12 boats 10 were either sinking or filling with water so rapidly that they could not make it to the finishing line without being emptied first. This made it rather interesting for the spectators and the commentator as first they could see no boats arriving at all and then most boats in the same lane.To nobody’s surprise the organisers decided to cancel all 1000m races afterwards

Sunday saw us with reduced wind speed ( but quite lany) and rain over the entire day! Steph and Fred both got into the Finals B in 500m with Steph coming 2nd. Hafsa managed a 2nd place in her 500m K2 race, Immie won her 1000m race in Final B and Sam got into another A Final in 500m Mens A.

All in all, another wet and windy weekend in Nottingham but we had some excellent results and are looking forward to some sunny days in June ( pigs might fly…)

09-May-14 Reading Events
Full list of up coming Reading events

25-May Reading Hasler
25-May Assessment Race K2
1-Jun Reading K4

06-May-14 Reading Hasler + Assessment Race
Please check out the race details for this Hasler race and assessment race.

23-Apr-14 Spring Newsletter
April’s newsletter has hit the wires…you can get it here

14-Apr-14 April Regatta
Our first weekend in Nottingham this year did start quite promising with NO rain at all! It was, as usual, freezing cold and very windy and winter jackets were a ‘must’ as well as hats, scarfs etc., well the usual Nottingham paraphernalia!But Reading paddlers are hardy and despite the weather we had some brilliant results with Fred in his first Boys D regatta reaching a Final in every race leaving him exhilarated but also very exhausted at the end of the second day. Despite the strong winds Stephanie battled her way down the course getting very respectable results for her debut races in Girls D.

Hafsa managed to win the Final 2 in 1000m K1 having only been promoted into Girls C at the end of last year. Although Ellie and Emily had scratched their races Louise still joined us in Nottingham and came 4th in a Final in Girls D.

Despite tough competition in the 200m Immie won a Bronze medal in her 200m K2 race with Leanne Brown and also in the 1000m K2.

Sam had very good crew races and despite very strong opposition managed to win convincingly his 1000m K2 race as well as the K4 race and got selected for the Portugal training camp.
Last but not least Andy Potterton who only started his training for Nottingham two days before the weekend with a leisurely paddle down the river still succeeded in snatching a win in the B Final in Mens B. Well done to all those who attended and watched over the weekend.

Finally, please remember that the deadline for entries for the next Regatta is this weekend (Saturday) and May is the Nationals for the Masters. Last time I looked Nigel was the only Master who had signed up so far and was still looking for people to join his crew boats.

9-Apr-14 DW Helpers
If you are able to spare a few hours, the Devizes to Westminster organising committee are looking for couple more volunteers to man Old Windsor check point.

If you can spare some time, please contact Cherry for more information.

If you have ever done this race then it’s a great opportunity to put something back into the event and, if you have not done it an opportunity to get a piece of the action

30-Mar-14 Thameside 2 Results [Results]
What lovely weather! Thanks to all those who raced and help.

26-Mar-14 Thameside 2 30-March – Update
We are still planning on running the Thameside 2 course this weekend, however, with the river on mixture of yellow and red boards we will be running “special measures”.

  • Buoyancy Aids will be compulsory for all
  • Timings have been brought forward 30 minutes!
  • Suitable clothing and boat buoyancy required
  • Self-assessment form

When the club runs an event on the Thames, we assess the course against the following criteria: river conditions, weather (temperature & wind), visibly. Depending on this score additional safety measures are put in place, these include steps like compulsory buoyancy aids and limiting who can take part.

To this end, everyone needs to be complete the self-assessment form. If you or your crew are scoring less than 10 you really need to consider whether you are suitable take part.

Kit & Boat Inspections
There will be at spot checks on boats and clothing. So please make sure that you are dress suitably for the conditions and that there is sufficient buoyancy in your boat.

08:30 Check-In
09:30 Briefing
10:00 Slow K2 Start
10:10 Slow K1 Start
10:40 Fast Start K1 & K2

Everyone taking part in the event on Sunday needs to be aware that the course will require you to pass above or below a number of weirs. Therefore you need to know what this means, what effect this will have on your boat and how to handle this. If you are unsure, do not race.

Extra car parking available in the public car park at Rivermead Leisure Centre – see below

16-Mar-14 Thameside 2 – 30-March-2014
All being well we are hoping to run Thameside 2 (Reading to Marlow) on Sunday 30-March. Just waiting on confirmation from the EA on the new date.

The race will need to start a little earlier to avoid the Ladies Oxford/Cambridge boat race – so keep an eye on the website.

All existing T2 entries will be transferred to the new date, unless you have already requested a refund. Once we have the race confirmed we will obviously take new entries and changes too.

This will be great opportunity for DW crews to get some time on the Thames.

10-Mar-14 Thameside 2 – Cancelled
It’s with great regret that we are having to cancel Thameside 2 (16-March). Our usual finish, Longridge Activity Centre, is sadly still suffering from the aftermath of the floods so not available and we have been unable to find a suitable alternative location.We are considering the possibility of running a Thameside 2 course (or similar) 30-March-2014. Please email us if you are interested, so we know if we have sufficient support to run this event.

6-Mar-14 Waterside Update
From the Waterside race organisers:

Discussions with Canal and River Trust for Sunday’s race are still going on. The IMPORTANT news is that ALL COMPETITORS will need to wear a buoyancy aid.

No BA, no race.

Failure to comply is DQ from race, series and possibly referred to BCU MRC for disciplinary action.

Please spread the word.

4-Mar-14 Thameside 1 – Update
The next course inspection is planned for the end of the week which should, along with the weather forecast, give us a reasonable indication of the likelihood of being able to run Thameside 2.

23-Feb-14 Thameside 1 – Cancelled
Following the course inspection on Friday, we are regrettably cancelling Thameside 1 (Aldermaston to Reading) Sunday 2 March. The tow path is still shut and flooded in several places. It is impossible to get in under the bridge at Fobney and County lock is effectively a compulsory weir shoot! (all be it a rather flat one). Although the river conditions are improving, there is more rain forecasted over the coming week and the improvements required on the lower section of the course are probably impossible in the time frame.At this point we hope the River Thames will improve sufficiently to run Thameside 2 as river levels are slowly reducing from their recent exceptional levels. This will however depend on rainfall over the next couple of weeks.

If you would like a refund for Thameside 1 please send an email, any refunds will be processed after Thameside 2.

If you only entered Thameside 1, you can request the fee be transferred to Thameside 2.

Lactate Testing For Kayakers – Open Invite 15-Mar-14
Lactate test (on kayak ergo) taking place in Oxford has been confirmed for 15-Mar-14 Useful for defining heart rate training zones and determining lactate threshold as function of heart rate. Contact Rob if interested.

14-Feb-14 Basingstoke Canal
We have received the following notice from the Canal Authority

“Due to the expected high winds and heavy rainfall it is strongly advised not to use the towpath and navigation on Friday 14 or Saturday 15 February. For the same reason we are closing both our Reading Rd, Fleet and Crookham Wharf car parks, which will remain closed until the winds have dissipated and are confirmed as safe by a member of staff – they are unlikely to reopen until Monday 17 at the earliest. Should you use the towpath or navigation after this time, please remain vigilant as we have many fallen trees and branches from recent storms yet to clear. If you find any further fallen trees/branches or notice any faults please do report them to our duty staff. Thank you for your cooperation.”

Lactate Testing For Kayakers – Open Invite
Lactate test (on kayak ergo) taking place in Oxford on either Saturday 22nd Feb Saturday 15th Mar Useful for defining heart rate training zones and determining lactate threshold as function of heart rate. Contact Rob if interested.

12-Feb-14 Thameside Series – Update [Details] | [Online Entry]
Given the current conditions both the Thameside events are looking at risk of being cancelled. There is still 2 weeks to T1 and a 4 weeks until T2, there is plenty of time for things to change either way! At this point in time the alternative course would be more than a little tricky.

We will continue to monitor the conditions, with the aim of making a final decision closer to the time.

Watersides A – Cancelled
By now you should of seen the update on the Waterside website, the second event (B) is also at risk.

10-Feb-14 Canoe Development in Sprint Racing – your opportunity to influence our future strategy?
On behalf of the whole Canoeing community within the UK, GB Canoeing have commissioned an independent agency, Wharton Consulting, to conduct a review of the high kneeling section of Canoe Sprint.
The purpose of this review is to establish what would need to happen in the UK in order to develop a culture and infrastructure which creates a pipeline of athletes capable of winning Olympic medals in the Canoe events in Sprint racing within 10 years (by the 2024 Olympic Games).

We would like to give as many people as possible the opportunity to have their say on this subject and help shape the future direction of Canoe racing in the UK.

Please follow the link below to complete a short questionnaire: this should take no more than 20 minutes to complete. The closing date for the questionnaire will be Friday 28 February, and so we would be grateful if you could make your views known before that date. We are also offering the opportunity for a brief follow-up telephone call: if you would like to be involved in this way, please leave your name and contact details in the questionnaire.

26-Jan-14 Youth Olympic Games Nanjing in China
Seen anything like this before? The second “Youth Olympic Games” to be held in Nanjing in China will be testing athletes in both declines of sprint and slalom:“Selected athletes compete in both the Slalom and the Sprint events for their class in a knockout format competition. In the canoe sprint events the athletes paddle on a circuit, and compete head to head against each other. For canoe slalom, athletes must demonstrate the skills of a slalom paddler including the ability to perform an eskimo roll and manoeuvre around gates on a calm water surface whilst also beating the other paddler on the course.”

Register by 31-Jan-2014 if you wish to be considered

Thameside [Details] | [Online Entry]
Entry for the 2014 Thameside races is now open. Please check out the details and entry online

This years dates:

2-Mar-14 Thameside 1 Aldermaston to Reading
16-Mar-14 Thameside 2 Reading to Marlow

23-Jan-14 Marlow Canoe Regatta – June 15th 2014
A local opportunity to test out your winter training before the national regatta, the aim to is to put on K1 K2, C1 classes for A, B, C & D grades and if numbers allow age groupings as well.For more information go to

31-Dec-13 Thameside [Details] | [Online Entry]
Entry for the 2014 Thameside races is now open. Please check out the details and entry online

Frank Luzmore Memorial K2 Marathon
Richmond are still hoping to run the Frank Luzmore on the traditional course, however, the river conditions may not allow. Keep one eye on the Richmond website for final decision being made on Friday.

27-Dec-13 Hasler Qualification
Change to the rule 8 on Hasler Final qualification:

– It was agreed that paddlers in Combined Services need only complete 2 races to qualify for the Hasler Final.

– It was agreed that paddlers must complete 3 races to qualify, not just enter them.

– Scotland is shown as one region on the HRM program where it should be 2. This will allow 4 clubs in total from Scotland to attend the final.

– Mick Nadal will recalculate number of clubs qualifying per region in 2014 according to number of active marathon clubs in 2013.

17-Dec-13 Frank Luzmore K2 Title Here
12-mile K2 race from Elmbridge Canoe Club to Richmond Canoe Club with 3 portages. Race details and online entry.

26-Nov-13 Southern Region Training Day 15-Dec
Details of the Southern region training at Reading on 15-Dec, can be found here

14-Nov-13 November Newsletter
November’s newsletter has been carefully crafted by the newsletter faries…you can get it here

7-Nov-13 Hasler Final T Shirt Orders
Apologies if you are still waiting for T Shirts to arrive that were ordered at the Hasler Final. The supplier had a shortage of some sizes so we are still waiting for their arrival. They should be with you in about a weeks time. Any queries email ( for your patience

6-Nov-13 Christmas Paddle 18-Dec-2013
This year’s Christmas paddle is planned for Wednesday 18-Dec at 17:00. Normal format is to head down to the Oracle for a hot chocolate and sticky doughnut then return to the club for hot meal (20:00 ish). Remember you will be paddling in the dark in December so please dress accordingly. Fancy dress is optional. Father Christmas normally comes along so elves and reindeers are welcome. We all paddle in open canoes, no singles as we do not want to lose you! Adults welcome as well as children.

Should the weather or water conditions be bad then we will just make do with a shorter paddle.

Southern Region Standings 2014
The dust has barely settled on Hasler 2013 trophy, yet the Southern Region has completed 3 events already for 2014. Check out the standings here, remember that 6 clubs will qaulify.

26-Oct-13 Ross Warland Challenge[Details]
If Banbury Hasler doesn’t satisfy you, you can go back again for the Ross Warland Challenge.

24-Oct-13 Reading K4
A well attended K4 race – see results

21-Oct-13 AGM & Awards Dinner
Click on the links for details of… Reading Canoe Club Annual General Meeting 2013 and 2013 Awards Dinner

Leighton Buzzard Remembrance Day Race
Leighton Buzzard are holding their annual Remembrance Day Race from Milton Keynes to Leighton Buzzard on Sunday, 10 November. Details

10-Oct-13 Reading K4 [Details] [Entries]
Entries looking good for tomorrow’s race – extra parking in Albert Road

10-Oct-13 Hasler Final 2013 – Photo
Some more excellent pictures from last Sunday’s event

09-Oct-13 Reading K4 [Details] [Entries]
Reading K4 race 12-Oct – check out the details check out who entered

06-Oct-13 Hasler Final 2013
Thank you to everyone who supported today’s Hasler Final, whether racing, spectating, organising trading and sponsoring. With a total of 713 paddlers on the start lines it was great to see so many travel from near and far.Well done to all medallists and trophy winners particularly to Norwich and Banbury for winning the Hasler Trophy and Geoff Sanders trophy respectively.

Hasler Final Pictures
Check out Chris Mison

05-Oct-13 Hasler Final Results
Results for the Hasler Final will updated during the event, static

03-Oct-13 Hasler Final Update
Many thanks to Cotswold Outdoor for sponsoring the event

03-Oct-13 Banbury Hasler 27-Oct-2013
The third installement in the Southern Region Hasler 2014 see the region travel to Banbury. Check out race details.

02-Oct-13 Hasler Final – Amended Rule on Bouyancy in Boats
Please ensure that your boat complies with the amended buoyancy rules. This rule will be enforced at the Hasler Final.Points to note

  1. The buoyancy should be sufficient to support crew
  2. It must be attached to the boat

Plastic drinks bottles (etc) squashed under seat will fail on both counts and you will not be able to race!

From th MRC
Rule 5 a i) SAFETY – Competitor responsibility has been amended as follows.
Competitors must render their boats sufficiently buoyant to remain afloat and to support the crew in rough water in the event of capsize. No boat will be deemed to be sufficiently buoyant purely as a result of its construction (e.g. vac bagged/ sandwich or other construction) to fulfil this requirement, additional buoyancy will be required in the form of foam, air bags and/or sealed bulkheads.
Please Note ** This change leaves those competitors who do not comply with this rule, possibly being refused access to the water by race organisers and being unable to partake in an event, or being disqualified. **

27-Sep-13 Reading K4
Reading K4 race 12-Oct – check out the details

The Numbers…
For those who like numbers and find this stuff interesting, here is a list of Hasler 2013 events and the number of seats that raced.

22-Sep-13 Hasler Final Update

Most of the entries have arrived. We are up to 735 seats which is brilliant. Looking forward to some great racingSee the provisional start list, as at 21 September, here

Some clubs did not use the correct HRM version so please check your entries are correct.
Any queries must only be submitted through regional representative via your team leader

Order your Event T Shirt now to avoid disappointment. More information here

We are pleased to announce Decathlon as a Bronze sponsor. Thank you


Due to the high numbers of entries we will be opening boat check at 08:00.

All paddlers and boats must go through boat control before racing.
All boats must display the correct race number.
All boats must have sufficiently buoyant to remain afloat and to support the crew in rough water in the event of capsize. No boat will be deemed to be sufficiently buoyant purely as a result of its construction (e.g. vac bagged/sandwich or other construction) to fulfil this requirement, additional buoyancy will be required in the form of foam, air bags and/or sealed bulkheads.
Once boats have been checked they must all remain in the pre-race holding/launching area.
Once a boat has passed through boat checking it will be assumed that the paddler starts their race. If a paddler does not then race it is their responsibility to notify race control. Failure to notify control will result in your club incurring a penalty point. Failure to go through boat checking will result in disqualification from the race

14-Sep-13 Hasler Final Update
Standings for the LSE region here with Richmond, Wey, Elmbridge and Tonbridge all set for the Finals on 6 October

We are receiving the validated club entries through from Regional Advisors so you will see the start lists building on the website in the coming days.

In the meantime check out the trophies you could win here.

9-Sep-13 Beginners Courses Finished 2013 – See you next year?
We will be restarting courses next year later April early May. If you wish to be informed of when the new courses are starting so that you can book a place, please send us your contact details (email) and course preference. Adult courses are generally run Thursday evenings at 1830 or Saturday mornings at 11:00 for 4 weeks and last 1.5 hours. Junior courses are run weekdays at 16:00 or 17:00 for 6 weeks and last 1 hour. Alternatively look at our website around Easter time for times and dates of our next courses.

8-Sep-13 Hasler Final: Last day for entering
RCC paddlers sign up on board or email

Other clubs – make sure your team leader has your entry

8-Sep-13 Geoff Sanders trophy
Final standings before the Haser Final here.

4-Sep-13 Henley Hasler [Andy Rawson Southern Region Rep]
The year book and calendar on the MRC do not specify if this race is K1 or K2 for Div. 1 and Div. 2

This race will be DIV 1 K1 and DIV 2 K1

1-Sep-13 Hasler Final Club Qualification Update
South West Region final standings here. Well done to Fowey, Plymouth College, Exeter and Devizes. Look forward to seeing you on 6 October.

Hasler Final Entries
All entries must be submitted via Club team leaders to Regional coordinators by 9 September.

RCC paddlers please sign up on noticeboard or reply to the club email by 7 September

21-Aug-13 National Championships Photographs
Some excellent photos from the last weekends Nationals –

Flat Water Essentials
Flat Water is closing down the retail side of Flatwater but they will continue supplying club specific kit. The sale is online only at their website – see leaflet outlining the huge discounts on their products.

21-Aug-13 Amended Rule on Buoyancy in Boats [MRC-Link]
Rule 5 a i) SAFETY – Competitor responsibility has been amended as follows.
Competitors must render their boats sufficiently buoyant to remain afloat and to support the crew in rough water in the event of capsize. No boat will be deemed to be sufficiently buoyant purely as a result of its construction (e.g. vac bagged/ sandwich or other construction) to fulfil this requirement, additional buoyancy will be required in the form of foam, air bags and/or sealed bulkheads.
Please Note ** This change leaves those competitors who do not comply with this rule, possibly being refused access to the water by race organisers and being unable to partake in an event, or being disqualified. **

All the information about this year’s event on Sunday 6 October 2013 will be held here. Keep checking for updates!Note to Team leaders: for entries please ONLY use this version of the HRM system

See you there!

16-Aug-13 Southern Region Final Standings 2012-2013 Hasler Final
Congratulations to Falcon on the regional title! The southern region now takes 6 clubs to the Hasler Final – let’s hope one of us can bring back the title!

Falcon 10 8 6 9 7 10 10 9 9 9 87 6 81 Qualified
Banbury 9 10 10 10 8 9 6 8 5 7 82 5 77 Qualified
Reading 6 7 9 8 10 7 9 4 8 8 76 4 72 Qualified
Southampton 5 5 8 5 9 8 5 7 6 10 68 5 63 Qualified
Basingstoke 7 9 7 6 6 4 7 10 4 4 64 4 60 Qualified
Longridge 8 4 5 7 4 5 8 6 10 5 62 4 58 Qualified
Pangbourne 4 7 4 4 5 6 4 5 7 6 52 4 48
Wokingham 3 2 0 3 3 3 1 2 2 2 21 0 21
Bourne End 0 1 0 2 3 0 1 1 1 3 12 0 12
Eyot 2 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 3 0 8 0 8
Cokethorpe 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 3 1 0 6 0 6
Marlow 0 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 3
Newbury 0 0 0 0 0 2 2 0 0 0 0 0 2
Windsor 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 1
PRA 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Lord Wandworth 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
DKS 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

15-Aug-13 Cowboy Atkins to the rescue
Today saw a dramatic rescue on the Thames when a pregnant cow was spotted stuck in the river. Reading’s morning paddlers rushed to the scene half way through an intense session and man of the moment proved to be Lee Atkins who ditched his boat and jumped into the water to help the animal in distress. Using all his strength, Lee got up close and personal with the cow in order to shift it’s hooves from the thick silt but to no avail. The fire brigade were called shortly after along with the farmer and in the end it took a 14 strong team to pull the cow from the river. The story was covered in full by the local Reading Post and the article can be seen below along with video footage from this morning’s scene!

15-Aug-13 Nationals – Rocket Event [Pangbourne Canoe Club]
The Rocket Event at the Nationals 2013 are now open to ALL U12 paddlers regardless of ranking. If you have any U12s who wish to take part in this ‘first of its kind event’- register an entry, it needn’t be a whole crew, we will then do our best to organise crews at the Nationals.

14-Aug-13 Poole Harbour Race [Andy Coomes]
An invitation from PHCC to the “Poole Harbour Race” on Sunday 22nd Sept starting from a sandy beach on the edge of the harbour, sunshine and food included. Any boat K1, K2, Ski, Sea kayak (classic and racing), Wavehopper, WWR or General purpose. The harbour race is a set of three races of 4, 8 and 15 miles around the harbour. The two longer courses both go round Brownsea Island. The short course runs along the shore. All ages and ability welcome.

The format features a “Le-Mans” style start from the beach at Lake Pier, Poole, BH15 4LR (for Sat Nav users)

Burgers, cakes and tea for competitors are included in the price on your return.

Check in from 9:30, Race briefing at 11:00

The entry form is on our club website.

Race updates will appear on facebook events page “Poole Harbour Race 2013

Geoff Sanders Club Standings
Latest standings here

8-Aug-13 Hasler Final
Have you qualified yet? last chances below so get paddling. Even if you have not raced this year there is still enough events to qualify!
Would great for RCC to both host the event and win so there is no excuse!Sunday 11 August: Richmond
Sunday 18 August: Fal (Cornwall), Trentham (NW)
24-25 August: National Championships at Pangbourne

Don’t forget there are also U10 and U12 lightning events which contribute to the Geoff Sanders Club trophy for the highest scoring club of the season. Latest standings here

27-Jul-13 Paddle & Picnic
On Tuesday 27th August is the club’s annual picnic paddle. The idea is to paddle from Pangbourne to the club stopping at Mapledurham to have a picnic lunch. Parents are welcome to come if they are capable of paddling. Help would be appreciated with transport of boats and paddlers to Pangbourne. If you are interested could you please sign up on the sheet on the upstairs notice board.

Parents who can’t paddle are welcome to meet the boats at Mapledurham.

Adult Novice Course
Due to popular demand we are scheduling another adult novice course to start on 1-August. The course consists of four sessions, once a week, and is designed to give you the feel of kayaking at Reading Canoe Club and enables you to get the basic skills under your belt! For more information check out our where to start page. To book or ask any questions please email

20-Jul-13 Southampton Hasler – Tomorrow
From the race organiser: “Can you remind race goers to bring adequate sun protection. We will be providing extra water bottles for race competitors, but there is no standpipe at the park due to a problem with water supply at the location. We will be providing some water butts but it would be advantageous if visitors could bring a good supply of water as well. “

15-Jul-13 Southern Region Hasler Standings
With only one event to go….

Falcon 10 8 6 9 7 10 10 9 9 0 78 6 72
Banbury 9 10 10 10 8 9 6 8 5 0 75 5 70
Reading 6 7 9 8 10 7 9 4 8 0 68 4 64
Basingstoke 7 9 7 6 6 4 7 10 4 0 60 4 56
Southampton 5 5 8 5 9 8 5 7 6 0 58 5 53
Longridge 8 4 5 7 4 5 8 6 10 0 57 4 53
Pangbourne 4 7 4 4 5 6 4 5 7 0 46 4 42
Wokingham 3 2 0 3 3 3 1 2 2 0 19 0 19
Bourne End 0 1 0 2 3 0 1 1 1 0 9 0 9
Eyot 2 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 3 0 8 0 8
Cokethorpe 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 3 1 0 6 0 6
Marlow 0 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 3
Newbury 0 0 0 0 0 2 2 0 0 0 0 0 2
Windsor 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 1
PRA 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Lord Wansorth 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
DKS 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0


12-Jul-13 Fun Day 14-July IMPORTANT
Don’t forget the fun day this Sunday. The BBQ is now bring your own food and drink, the club BBQ will be setup after the games for you to cook your own food.

10-Jul-13 Reading & Wokingham Regatta 13-July
Don’t forget the Reading and Wokingham regatta this Saturday – see detail

Fun Day 14-July & Wokingham Regatta
The fun and games is due to start 14:00, don’t forget to sign up at the or send an email to register attendance.

9-Jul-13 Royal Regatta
A small band of paddlers made their way to the Royal Regatta. Full details on the Royal site.

Check out some pictures of the action here

Wokingham Hasler
Our nearest Hasler race (excluding our own) was well attended, provisional result have been published. Congratulation to the following paddlers who achieved promotions!

Hannah Sealey P5
Emily Lotter P8
Louise Rooker P8
Sam Watson P8

Fun Day – Sunday 14-July
Classic crazy games, BBQ and a forecast of warm sunny weather! What more can you ask for? Oh, a crazy fancy dress theme: Films

Bath to Bradford
Fancy something different from the standard Hasler race? Why not try Bath-to-Bradford this weekend.

3-Jul-13 Sprint: Macgregor Paddle
The official results are out for the June Regatta, congratulation to Norwich for Macgregor Paddle win!Congratulations to Kieran Husband for his promotion to BOYS A and to Sam for his promotion to MENS A

2-Jul-13 Dumbbell Rack For Sale
Dumbbell rack for sales, please send offers vai email

London Sprint Regatta – 21st July
Please note that if you wish to take part in Docklands Sprints ( 21st July) you cannot enter individually; please drop me an email before 6th July.

26-Jun-13 European Junior And U23 Canoe Sprint Championships
The junior & U23 europeans start today – follow results

WOMEN`S CANOE DAYS at RLS (CV32 5AH) 21-22 August
A workshop format for budding women canoe competitors. Coaching by leading C paddlers Lisa Suttle & Sam Rippington. + Other Coaches.Boats to suit any standard from TC2 to C4. Paddles and kneeblocks available if you need one.
Entries to Lisa on; Cost; £ 7.00/2days Further information (till Jul.12th only) from Tibor on 02476 592247

25-Jun-13 July Sprint Regatta – Interclubs
For the third time this year paddlers went up to Nottingham and, unfortunately, conditions still had not changed from April and May!! Gusty winds of up to 35m/h and constant rain showers made life for the paddlers rather uncomfortable. Personally, I would say that it was one of the worst weekends in approx 5 years of my sprint life…Nevertheless, Reading paddlers braved the weather and fought hard on the water. A particular thank you goes to those paddlers to came for the first time and could not believe in what conditions they had to paddle. Hopefully, we will see them again although there is NO guarantee that there will be any improvement in conditions. ‘Nottingham’ will always remain ‘Nottingham’. [Read more]

The London Regatta, Sunday 21st July 2013
Have a look at the website and decide if you would like to go. It’s a smaller Regatta than Nottingham, the water can be quite choppy and they only do 200m and 500m. If you want to take part either drop me an email or enter yourself on the website. Entries have to go in by 7th July.

BBQ 8-July
For your diaries & calendars; on Monday 8th July we plan to hold a BBQ after the time trial….the cooks are booked and i’m confident it will rain.

24-Jun-13 Geoff Sanders Trophy Standings – Updated
Competition hotting up for the U10 and U12 lightning, Mini K2 trophy. Final race will be the Hasler Final

Club Team Finishes Season
Banbury & District 24 101 994
Richmond 19 37 576
Norwich 14 43 544
Southampton 8 42 404
Leamington 9 30 373
Ealing 8 36 355
Bishops Stortford 12 28 321
Leighton Buzzard 7 23 315
Trentham 10 17 301
Duddon 7 15 284
Full Table

13-Jun-13 Reading & Wokingham Regatta
Check out the detail for our regatta

13-Jun-13 Thames Valley 10km K2 Series
First race took place on 25-May at Longridge – results. The remaining dates are as follows

16-June – Falcon
20-July – Reading
11-Aug – Wokingham
20-Oct – Elmbridge

Leighton Buzzard Hasler 16-June [Race Details]
Fancy something different, why not Leighton Buzzard Hasler race. Check out the details

Boat Buoyancy Rule Change
Reminder that rules of buoyancy have changed, construction alone will not be deemed sufficient

Geoff Sanders Trophy standings
Competition hotting up for the U10 and U12 lightning, Mini K2 trophy. Final race will be the Hasler Final

Club Team Finishes Season
Banbury & District 23 64 827
Richmond 15 25 401
Leamington 9 26 372
Southampton 7 29 371
Norwich 8 18 301
Lincoln 6 13 214
Ealing 5 16 206
Leighton Buzzard 5 11 190
Bishops Stortford 7 11 177
Chelmsford 5 10 163
Full Table

Southern Region Standings – 3 Events to Go
Rules for Hasler Final qualification changed at the start of the year meaning that the top 6 clubs will qualify, rather than 4. Who wil take the last slot?

Banbury 9 10 10 10 9 9 8 65 8 57
Falcon 10 8 6 9 7 10 9 59 6 53
Reading 6 7 9 8 10 7 4 51 4 47
Basingstoke 7 9 7 6 6 4 10 49 4 45
Southampton 5 5 8 5 9 8 7 47 5 42
Longridge 8 4 5 7 4 5 6 39 4 35
Pangbourne 4 7 4 4 5 6 5 35 4 31
Wokingham 3 2 0 3 3 3 2 16 0 16
Bourne End 0 1 0 2 3 0 1 7 0 7
Cokethorpe 0 1 0 0 0 0 3 4 0 4
Marlow 0 3 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 3
Eyot 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 2
Newbury 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 2
Windsor 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 1
PRA 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Lord Wansorth 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
DKS 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

European Championships
Old news really, but worth mentioning as the marathon team did very well at the European Championships. Winning three European titles! Well done to all, bring on the Worlds.

JLK1 Amy Ward 1st
JWK2 Sam Rees-Clark/Amy Ward 1st
SWK2 Fay Lamph/Lizzie Broughton 1st
SMK1 Ben Brown 4th
SMK2 Tim Pendle/Jon Simmons 4th
JMK2 Jack Childerstone/Ed Haws 5th
JMK2 Nick Romain/Sam Plummer 6th
U23MK1 Albert Hicks 7th
U23WK1 Jenny Illidge 7th
JMK1 Bruce Jones 10th
SMK1 Keith Moule 13th

1-Jun-13 Reading Hasler Race – Final Results
Last couple of oddities fixed the results – final results

28-May-13 Reading Hasler Race – Report
Well, what a day. The sun came out along with a huge amount of paddlers (288 seats), which was fantastic.Thanks to everyone who came to the event. Particular thanks goes to all Lightning paddlers who had a longer than planned course to do. Many apologies for the miscommunication regarding turn buoys. Not ideal by any means but hopefully racing over the additional distance will encourage more paddling rather than discourage! We believe the results published fairly reflect the positions/times achieved but do let us know if there are any queries.

One request for the future, for all paddlers, at any race, is that if you do not start or do not finish your race you let the race organisers know ASAP. This not only ensures everyone knows you are safe and well but also makes completion of the results and prize giving a lot easier and quicker!

Amended results are here. With the great attendance and results on Sunday and several races to go before the Hasler Final on 6 October at Reading, the competition is hotting up!

28-May-13 London Regatta – Sunday 21-July [James Smythe]
Initial details of the London Sprint Regatta on July 21st are available at is over 200m and 500m, singles and doubles, with national sprint racing classes amalgamated into appropriate ability groups. The entry fee is £12 per paddler for the whole day’s races. Entries are not open yet, but will be limited to around 190 paddlers (assuming everyone does all the races available to them), on a first come, first served basis. Finally, there will be a clubs competition and trophy.

26-May-13 Reading Hasler Results – Provisional
Please find the results for todays, hope everyone enjoyed it. Feedback welcome

25-May-13 Reading Hasler Entries – Pre-Entry update
237 pre-entered seats… late entries taken on the day. Looks like the weather should be favourable too

Results will appear here as races finish

24-May-13 Reading Hasler Entries
Check out the race entries for Sunday, fancy a warm up? Check out Longridge 10km race on Saturday. Ingnore their first news entry that suggest that it’s Sounthampton Hasler on Sunday.

16-May-13 May Regatta [Sabine Kirschstein]
Well done to those who braved another Nottingham Regatta in conditions that can only be described as ‘typically Nottingham’ with 30- 40m/h gusts ( this time pretty much head on) and intermittent rain / hail showers throughout the weekend…..Despite the poor conditions all Reading paddlers gave their best but congratulations in particular to Hafsa who secured her well deserved promotion into Girls C, Carl who got his promotion back into Mens C and Sam who got selected for the Regatta in Piestany.

Sign up sheets for the interclubs on 22nd & 23rd June are out and the deadline is 31st May. If it’s easier just drop me an email and let me know if you are available and what you want to paddle.

14-May-13 Reading Hasler 26-May [Race Details]
Summer may not be here, but the Hasler racing season is well underway – 12 races so far. This weekend is Basingstoke, then our Hasler on 26-May

07-May-13 English Talent Programme Selection Policy [Brendon Stead]
Attached is the selection policy document for the new Regional Academy, Super Regional and National Talent Squads. This will be selected in the next couple of weeks following the May regatta and I ask that you distribute this within your clubs to the relevant athletes.

16-Apr-13 National Championships Nottingham April
Having survived my first weekend as sprint leader I have to admit that I was very glad when it was over and I admire Rebecca even more for what she has managed in the past few years.The weather was typically Nottingham, although it did try hard on Saturday morning when paddlers arrived and there was only a moderate straight headwind blowing down the course. Everybody was looking quite hopeful…[Read more]

15-Apri-13 May Regatta
The dust has not even settled on the April regatta (write up to follow)… May Regatta will be out this evening and the deadline is already coming Friday, 19th AprilIf you are not at the club this week, just email me your entries for May.

10-Apri-13 Summer Training Programme
As announced at the Comms Meeting after the Time Trial on Monday, we are moving forward with a new Summer Training Programme… please click on the link to see the programme

8-Apri-13 Longridge Hasler Results
Reading were represented by a strong team, with some good points winning finishes, at the first Hasler of the year yesterday at Longridge CC:

Longridge Hasler Results

3-Apri-13 Pictures From the DW
Tony Smith has some excellent pictures up on Flickr…see if you can spot some of our star performers:

DW 2013 Day 1 Hungerford to Kintbury
DW 2013 Day 2 Burghfield to Fobney Lock
DW 2013 K2’s Newbury to Kintbury

3-Apri-13 Waitrose Community Matters
This month Reading Canoe Club is one of the 3 featured charities/organisations at Waitrose in Caversham for their Community Matters Scheme
Make sure you pick up your green tokens at the checkout and put them in our box

If you shop at a different Waitrose branch, save your tokens and pass them onto a member who can drop them in to the Caversham branch for you!

Souther Region Training Day [Details]
Reminder for the next Suuthern region training day at Basingstoke Canoe Club on Sunday 14th April

30-Mar-13 March Newsletter
The latest club newsletter is ready for you to download…it’s a bit late but better late than never. You can get it here.

25-Mar-13 Gent Marathon
Over the weekend of 23/24 March Sara and Hafsa Kabeer from RCC went to Belgium to compete in the Gent Marathon as part of the MRC Development Team. Sara and Hafsa were part of a team 7 girls and 12 boys selected after attending a number of the MRC training days.

By all accounts the weather conditions in Belgium were as bad as they were here. Sara competed in the U18 girls and was the only British girl to do so, and finished a credible 5th over a 12 mike course. Hasfa raced in the U14 race and came 2nd to another British girl, just managing to hold off the 3rd and 4th places by about 10 seconds.

Sara now returns to England to race in the Devizes to Westminster race next weekend.

Longridge Hasler Race
First Hasler race for our region in 2013 – see race details

Waterside Series
Slight old news, but last weekend saw the final race in the Waterside series. With super tough conditions just finishing was an achievement.

Reading was represented small team – Waterside D

4 Emily Hewitt & Kate Jayne-Coupe Southampton/Reading 7:20:35
RTD Annelies Flack & Sara Kabeer Banbury/Reading

1 Mike Martin & James Treadgold Reading/LBZ 5:02:18
5 Simon Perry & Martin Richmond Reading 6:16:30

Waterside Series

1 Emily Hewitt & Kate Jayne-Coupe Southampton/Reading 16:50:18

19-Mar-13 Pre-entries for Hasler races and club Team Leaders [from MRC]
At the latest meeting of the MRC there was a discussion about helping Race Organizers simplify race entries. All too often queues form due to lengthy booking in procedures and it is often difficult for race organizers to know in advance the number of entries they might receive due to large proportions of late ‘on the day’ entries.It was agreed that the HRM computer program’s function that allows a club to put in pre-entries via email is very useful for both clubs and the Race Organizer, and the MRC encourage its use as the method of entry system to use.

Committee members have investigated other methods of online entry, complete with pre-payment options, but it was felt that for the sums involved in setting up such arrangements these would prove too expensive a solution. The committee therefore recommends the following:

  1. Race Organizers should state on their race information a final date by which they want entries to be received.
  2. If late entries are found to be awkward on race day they should be discouraged by levying a high late entry fee or disallowed completely. This needs to be stated in the race details so that potential competitors know in advance. It is entirely up to the club organizing the race if they wish to make the race a pre-entry event solely.
  3. All racing clubs should ensure they have a named ‘Team Leader’ on race day, who preferably also sends in the club’s entry beforehand, liaises with the organizing club on the day and pays all monies owing for entries made. Each club having one person doing this job makes it easier for all concerned.
  4. The Team Leader should be a ‘role’ within a club not necessarily one person who is always on call.
  5. The Team Leader for the event should give their mobile phone number to the race organizer so that any problems on the day can be sorted out without delay.

The committee is working towards all Hasler entries being made via the HRM software and submitted electronically prior to the event.

15-Mar-13 Hasler Race Rules Change
Couple of significant Hasler racing rule changes- Amended Rule on Buoyancy in Boats
– Hasler Finals Regional Club Qualifications – change of regional club allocation

Check out the Marathon Racing Committee website for the details

4-Mar-13 How well do you understand the machine in your head and how effective are you in getting it to work optimally?
At Chimp Management, we specialise in the human mind, with an approach that is grounded in neuroscience. We view the mind as a remarkable machine that represents our greatest asset and our biggest liability in life. Through this metaphor, we work with how the mind operates in reality and not how most people think it works.

To help people progress their understanding and skill we have developed a highly practical and fun working model and development program that can be successfully applied to teams and individuals, in both their personal and professional lives. Through insight and skill a person can learn how to manage the machine effectively, and ultimately be the person they want to be.

The Chimp Model is a simple, fun and highly practical way of understanding the infinitely complex psychological mind. It is a working model that is designed to be applied to daily living and across situations and it has been used to great success within GB Canoeing and British Cycling.

There are two upcoming courses:
The Female Chimp
Optimising Performance

4-Mar-13 Waterside C
Well done to all those who braved the cold yesterday for Waterside. The club was well represented, full results

1 Emily Hewitt (Southampton) & Kate Jayne-Coupe 4:16:31
3 Annelies Flack (Banbury) & Sara Kabeer 4:41:36
8 Flora Jayne-Coupe & Molly Regan (Southampton) 5:07:16

2 Mike Martin (Leighton Buzzard) & James Treadgold 3:19:37

6 Nigel Frankland & Hafsa Kabeer 4:11:17

9 Simon Gallop 4:47:15

4 Gail Battison 4:30:33

14 Brian Hammond 4:23:08

Richmond Regatta 29-March [PDF]
Fancy a chance to sharpen your sprint skills before the National Championship regatta at Nottingham (April)? Well Richmond have that covered with their Good Friday Regatta.

1-Mar-13 Head of River – River Closure
Remember the river closure comes into play at 10:00, the river will be busy than normal before then.

There will be no club sessions this Saturday (2-Mar), so take care on the water.

24-Feb-13 Thameside 2 Results [T2 Provisional]
Well that’s the Thamesides done for another year, well done to all those who braved the conditions today. Some great results.Everything ran pretty smoothly on the day, but as always feedback welcome.

Many thanks to those who helped out with time keeping, lock marshalling and data entry. A special mention goes to Paul Smith from Banbury who recovered a junior ladies K2 after they abandoned it and to the folk who rescued and returned the escaping paddles. RCC and the girls are very grateful.

Also an apology, we got the second K1 start wrong again. Although this only affected couple of paddlers, this is a little embarrassing. We believed we had contacted all the entries beforehand but evidently did not reach you all

22-Feb-13 Thameside 2 – Update [T2 Live Results]
Water conditions at Reading continue to improve with the absence of rain. There is no rain forecast between now and the race, so conditions should improve further. The river is well within its banks now and all of the portages are now dry.The flow on the river is still fast and the river is still on red boards, but the river is the best it’s been for weeks! Buoyancy aids are still advised for all paddlers and a decision on whether the wearing of them will be compulsory will be made on the day, so bring them just in case!

Paddlers should be aware that whilst the majority of the river should be reasonably flat and fast, there will be sections where weir streams enter the main stream whether the river won’t be flat and calm, so if you are not competent in a boat in flowing conditions seriously consider not paddling. There are trees down along the course and these affect the flow also, so do look ahead.

The weather forecast for the weekend is cold and windy. If there is a headwind, the race will be a cold hard slog, so come prepared with warm clothing.

– Race is on, but be aware river conditions will be challenging
– It will be very cold – see weather
Everyone to bring buoyancy aid
– Bring your BCU cards
– Strongly recommended: cags, hat and foot wear
– Make a ote of the race control number 07825 505 609
– Additional parking in the Rivermead leisure centre

21-Feb-13 Pool Sessions 23-Feb & 2-Mar CHANGE OF TIME
Slight change of time to what was oringallya dvertised 16:15 to 17:30

RDG will be faster 2013
Reading Canoe Club paddlers are expected to be amongst the fastest paddlers around in 2013 due to a new training aid which will assist in motivating all paddlers. More details to be found here

20-Feb-13 Gent Selection
Reading Canoe Club are pleased to announce that Hasfa Kabeer has been selected to join the Marathon Racing Committee Development trip to Gent for the Gent Marathon in March.

Hasfa has attended the recent Marathon Training days at Elmbridge and Wey and put in some recent credible race times in order to obtain her selection. Her sister Sara narrowly missed out on the selection process, but we hope renewed focus will see her selected for future events.

14-Feb-13 Pool Sessions 23-Feb & 2-Mar
Learn to Canoe roll, improve your support strokes, learn new techniques all in a WARM pool! Academy Pool, Northumberland Ave, Whitley, Reading 23-Feb and 2-Mar 16:15 to 17:30 – £6

You can bring your own boat, paddle, spray deck. Just make sure it is all clean. Or use the boats at the pool.

12-Feb-13 Thamesides
Well that’s T1 done and dusted, thank you to all those who attended and supported the event. The river conditions made the course fun and fast, which everyone seemed to enjoy. Not all appreciated the upstream section on the Thames. It is important to demonstrate that these events can be run even in challenging conditions, as long as the appropriate measures are in place.We understand that the pressure on facilities at either end of this race are limited, we are still looking for options to improve this where possible and would welcome any ideas you might have. We also thank are neighbours for their understanding during the busy couple of hours as the race comes to town.

Entry for Thameside 2 is now open online, if you have any problems with using our online system please get in touch.

Thameside 2 runs from Reading to Marlow 19 miles with 8 little portages. Although we will do everything in our power to ensure this race occurs as planned there are limits. So please keep an eye on the website for the latest information. Options available or use include; increase safety measures, restriction on ability levels, change of course.

Thameside Volunteers
We had an outstanding response for help at Thameside 1 which was excellent, This made for a very efficient, well managed event – thank you. Help is still needed though for Thameside 2. Mainly lock marshals, which will only require at most 2 hours of your time. Please check the job list at the club or drop a line to info if you can help.

10-Feb-13 Thameside 1 – Results
Hope everyone enjoyed their race today, check out provisional results

7-Feb-13 Thameside 1 – Update Details | Online Entry | Entries | Previous Results
Thameside Race The first course inspection took place yesterday, there will be another one on Saturday.

The canal and river levels are both high and there is a reasonable flow particularly where the river joins and leaves the canal, which require care. The flow on the Thames is quite strong especially where the Kennet joins the Thames.

In light of the conditions, additional safety measure will be enforced.

Buoyancy aids will be compulsory for all juniors (regardless of divisional ranking), and all paddlers that are unranked or in division 7 or below. In boats where one of the paddlers is required to wear a buoyancy aid, the other paddler is required to wear one also i.e. if there is a senior division 6 or above paddler in K2 with junior, both will be required to wear buoyancy aids. There will be no exceptions.

Once on the Thames keep to river left until you can see the finish. Do not cross to the right of the river above Caversham lock (last portage) until you pass under the second bridge before the club.

We will be operating a finish window opens at 12:30. Boats finishing before this time are unlikely to get a time or position. Please ensure that you start at the appropriate time to finish after 12:30.

Bring your buoyancy aid – All (Juniors, Seniors, division 1 to 6)
– Bring your BCU card – All
– Bring your BCU card
Bring your BCU card – just in case you didn’t get the last two notices
– Strongly recommended; cags, hat and foot wear
– Keep an eye on this website

Weather, it will be cool and blustery so make sure you are prepared.

Car parking is limited at both ends, please park considerably and legally, your conduct will determine the future of this race. Consider car sharing were possible.

2-Feb-13 April Regatta – Nationals
Sign up sheet for Sprint National is now up! Deadline for entries 17th March. The Regatta is on 13/14th April. Any question please speak to Sabine.

30-Jan-13 January Newsletter
The latest bumper packed edition of the eagerly anticipated RCC Newsletter should be winging its way to your inboxes very soon…if you just cannot wait, you can get it here.

17-Jan-13 Ross Warland Memorial Canal Challenge
The canal is currently frozen and there is little likelihood that it will thaw before Sunday especially with incoming weather that has been forecasted so unfortunately the event will not go ahead.

09-Jan-13 Thameside 1 & 2 Details | Online Entry | Entries | Previous Results
Entries are coming in, see who entered.

Race Calendar 2013
Simple race calendar 2013– think all dates have now been confirmed

06-Jan-13 Thameside 1 & 2
Online entry for Thameside series is now open. Check out the race details and get yourself entered! For a wonder down memory lane check out previous results!

04-Jan-13 Frank Luzmore Race
Frank Luzmore Race, this Sunday – ON, but different course. New details

04-Jan-13 Saturday Morning Club Session
The decision on the format of Saturday’s club session will be taken on the day. The decision will depend on the conditions (river and weather), plus attendance. If possible, the aim will be to go out in K2s, otherwise the session will be run on the ergos.