News – Dec 2012

20-Dec-12 Saturday Club SessionCANCELLED
Due to the increasing river flow and availability of sufficient coaches to ensure safety, tomorrow’s club session is cancelled.

Please remember that the club is on “red boards” – full details here

20-Dec-12 Hasler Points – Southern Region
Southern Region Standings – full table

Banbury 9 10 0 10 0 0 0 8 0 0 37 8 29
Falcon 10 8 0 9 0 0 0 9 0 0 36 8 28
Basingstoke 7 9 0 6 0 0 0 10 0 0 32 7 25
Longridge 8 4 0 7 0 0 0 6 0 0 25 4 21
Reading 6 7 0 8 0 0 0 4 0 0 25 4 21
Southampton 5 5 0 5 0 0 0 7 0 0 22 5 17
Pangbourne 4 7 0 4 0 0 0 5 0 0 20 4 16
Wokingham 3 2 0 3 0 0 0 2 0 0 10 2 8

K2 rule change reminder…

“Having listened to various representations from clubs around the country, the Marathon Racing Committee decided at their last meeting to change the crew boat rules for Hasler Series races.
From January 1 2013 the race organizing club may offer the following races.

Division 1 and 2: these two classes will be offered either K1 or   a combined K2 according to the designation, which will be shown in the calendar. This is to be decided in discussion with Regional Marathon Adviser and Calendar Compiler to ensure a reasonable balance of races in region.
Division 3: K1 will be offered at each race, as well as K2, which will be combined with division 4 and raced over 12 miles.

Division 1, 2 and 3: paddlers ranked in these divisions must race over 12 miles, where this is offered.

Division 4: K1 will be offered at each race, raced over 8 miles as now. K2 will be raced with division 3 over 12 miles where indicated by average ranking of crew.

Divisions 5 to 9: No change to K1. K2 crew boats race over 8 or 4 miles as indicated by average ranking of crew.

Crew boat examples:
Division 1 and 3 boat averages 2, competes in 1/2 K2.
Division 3 and 5 boat averages 4, competes in 3/4 K2  (12 miles).
Division 4 and 7 boat averages 5 (half ignored), competes in 5 K2.
Division 5 and 8 boat averages 6 (half ignored), competes in 6 K2.
These new rules will be reviewed in November; in the meantime the committee would welcome constructive comments on their working.

20-Dec-12 RCC Honour Liz & Thank Highdown School
On Thursday morning present and past swimmers who have been allowed to use Highdown School’s Swimming Pool for nearly 9 years presented the PE Staff of Highdown School with a much needed pace clock for the pool and Liz Sealey with a little present for all her efforts over these years. Liz had started the swimming sessions in Oct 2004 and ever since then A & B group members had taken part in swimming sessions twice a week before school.

It is thanks to Liz’ endless patience, her passion and her knowledge of this sport that RCC juniors developed endurance and stamina over the winter months and improved their swimming style at the same time

A BIG thank you to Highdown School and Liz from all the swimmers and their parents

RCC handing over the clock

14-Dec-12 Flatwater Newsletter December 2012
December flat water newsletter

13-Dec-12 Southern Region Training Day
This Sunday the club hosting the Southern Region Training Day for paddlers up to division 7. The hall, ergos and weight room will be in use from 10:00 till 16:00. If you where not aware of this and would like to take part, then just drop me a line. You are welcome to use the hall for your coffee break after your paddle.

10-Dec-12 Basingstoke Canoe Club “Charles Hicks Challenge”
A small but select Reading contingent took part in the annual Basingstoke Canoe Club “Charles Hicks Challenge”; 16.4 miles out and back from the Basingstoke Canal Visitors Centre. It was a very cold day, but not cold enough for the need of the ice breaker which remained on standby.In the singles, Duncan Blythe posted a very respectable 2:19:34 to come 3rd overall and 2nd in class with Brian Hammond 3rd in the same class (VMK1) with a time of 2:42:19. Flora Jayne-Coupe, coming back from a rest to kick off her waterside preparation was one of only four k1 ladies to compete and finish and came back with a time of 3:09:11 and some serious blisters.

In the doubles, Kate Jayne-Coupe with her new partner Emily Hewitt (SOU) were the first ladies doubles back and managed 7th overall with a time of 2:38:48 in their first prep race for the Watersides. Sara Kabeer, with her partner Annelies Flack (Ban) were the next Reading crew back with 2:41:35, closely followed by sister Hafsa with Andy Flack (Ban) in a time of 2:45:16.

For full details of the race results, check out the dedicated site

6-Dec-12 Awards Evenign – Reading Chronicle
Check out today’s Reading Chronicle for a feature on our recent awards evening!

For thoes not able to buy the paper, read theunedited artical here

Stour Decent [Results]
Excellent river conditions, enough flow to make it interesting, though not quite enough to take a K2 over the top weir. Not much in way of reedbeds ths year but alot of tree dodging! Reasonable size drop at Hamoon which saw some swimmers. Club represented K2 by David Couslon/Abigail Coulson and K1 with James Treadgold.

5-Dec-12 Ross Warland Memorial Relay Canal Challenge
Please find information for the re-scheduled Ross Warland Memorial Race

4-Dec-12 Basingstoke Canal Challenge 9-Dec-2012 [Richard Somerset]
The rivers may be on red or orange boards but the Basingstoke Canal Challenge is on! Set in the tranquil Hampshire and Surrey borders and with an easy managed route of ‘out and back’ to warm changing area, food and drinks ideal to start the winters training. See you there!

29-Nov-12 Saturday Club Session
If conditions don’t improve then Saturday morning session will be cancelled.

Please keep an eye on the club river boards

22-Nov-12 Ross Warland Memorial Canal Challenge
The Ross Warland Memorial Canal Challenge, scheduled for this Sunday has been POSTPONED due to flooding. It is hoped that the race will now be run on the second Sunday in January. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

22-Nov-12 Last Chance AGM & Awards Evening.Awards Dinner 24-Nov @ 19:30
This a fun evening. The focus is very much on the achievements of last 12 months. We look at both the club and personal achievements, in addition to any funny stories that happen along the way. After the presentation and awards there is 3 course meal £10 per head (bring your own drinks). Please book by emailing Sam – payment acepted on the night.

19-Nov-12 Hasler K2 Racing
The marathon committee have made another change to the Hasler system with regards to the K2 races. The table below should explain how it works, provided I have understood it correctly!

8 miles 12 miles
6 5 4 3 2 1
A K1 K1 K1 K1 K1 K1
K1 K1 K2 12 miles
B K1 K1 K1 K1
K1 K1 K2 12 miles K2

So basically Div 3 & 4 are merged for K2 racing and do 12 miles.

Non-native invasive shrimp found in Thames: guidance for boaters
[Poster] [Factsheet]

An invasive shrimp which could be damaging to native species has been discovered across England, including the River Thames.The Environment Agency and Canal & River Trust are now urging water users such as boaters, anglers and canoeists, to help slow the spread of this invasive species by checking, cleaning and drying all their equipment after use, before using it at another location.

Boat users must be particularly careful to ensure that boats and kayaks are drained, cleaned and dried. Boat trailers must also be thoroughly cleaned after use. Anglers should take particular care to ensure their nets are thoroughly cleaned and dried before reuse. Boat users need to ensure that any debris or wildlife on hulls, particularly zebra mussels, are removed and disposed of safely – more advice advice available at

Invasive species now cost the UK economy an estimated £1.7billion every year. They cause damage to riverbanks, increase flood risk, crowd out and kill off native wildlife and become so prolific on waterways that fishermen, boaters and anglers are unable to use them.

Dikerogammarus haemobaphes is the less aggressive relative of Dikerogammarus villosus, the ‘killer shrimp’, which was first discovered at Grafham Water, Cambridgeshire in 2010. Many waterbodies in Western Europe have undergone major ecological change due to the arrival of these species, which come from Eastern Europe. They often completely replace many native species in their preferred habitats.

Although Dikerogammarus haemobaphes is the less aggressive relative of the ‘killer shrimp’, its impact on our ecosystems may be even greater because of its ability to survive in more varied habitats. It is essential to reduce the spread by checking, cleaning and drying all equipment used in the water.

For information on how to keep your canoe clean especially as we travel to different watercourses to train and compete please see

16-Nov-12 Banbury – Ross Waland Canal Challenge 2012 [Details]
Please find details of the Ross Warland Memorial Canal Challenge scheduled for Sunday 25th November.

Please note that the towpath south of Banbury at Kings Sutton (2 miles from turn) has been badly eroded by the recent floods which has resulted in large potholes and the towpath being washed away in parts.

13-Nov-12 Reminder AGM & Awards Evening

AGM 17-Nov @ 11:00
The AGM is a constitutional requirement, with annual reports from the chairman, treasurer membership secretary. Minutes of the meeting recorded. Very much the business end.The AGM takes places after the club Saturday morning session, coffee/tea & pastries will be provided.

Awards Dinner 24-Nov @ 19:30
This a fun evening. The focus is very much on the achievements of last 12 months. We look at both the club and personal achievements, in addition to any funny stories that happen along the way. After the presentation and awards there is 3 course meal £10 per head (bring your own drinks). Please book by emailing Sam – payment acepted on the night.

08-Nov-12 Thamesides Dates
Just a quick reminder of the Thameside dates are 10-Feb-13 and 24-Feb-13

06-Nov-12 Southern Region Training Days [Details]
A series of training days aimed at adult and youth paddlers in Lightnings and Hasler Divisions 9 to 6.

Stour Decent Entry Form [Detail]
Excellent little race, with a couple of weir shoot options. Certainly worth the trip.

28-Oct-12 Banbury Hasler [Provisional Results]
A small but prefectly formed team of paddlers took on the excellently organised Banbury Hasler. Temperatures made a heady 12 degrees. The club came in 3rd behind Banbury and Falcon, a much needed boost to our Hasler 2013 quailtificaiton hopes!

Healthy Eating [Details]
Always looking on improving our paddlers, we are hosting a six week course on nutrition. Certainly worth checking out the details, or for more information contact Debbie Atkins.

27-Oct-12 Banbury – Ross Waland Canal Challenge 2012
Check out the details for this year’s event, don’t get confused with tomorrow Hasler race.

24-Oct-12 Hasler Marathon
There is a £3 fee for parking at the event car park as they have to hire the car park, this was missed from the orginally details. Full race details

Southern Region Sprint advisor required
The Southern Region Development Team is seeking a regional sprint advisor to promote/start regional sprint racing in the Southern region.

There is no set description of what the voluntary role entails but the SRC and the Southern Regional Development Team committees are keen to establish regional racing in the Southern region. Regional reps are invited to attend SRC meetings and the role requires someone with knowledge preferably of both Sprint Canoe and Kayak racing.

If anyone with enthusiasm for sprint Canoe or Kayak who is interested in trying to promote/establish regional racing in the Southern region, then the Southern Region Development Team would be pleased to hear from you.

Anyone interested in the first instance should contact either

Kevin Dennis Southern Region Development Team Chairman
Chris Edge – CE Paddlesport Development Officer

8-Oct-12 Windsor Hasler – this weekend
The details for the Windsor race are incorrect. Division 1 & 2 will be K1 and division 3 with K2

8-Oct-12 Windsor Hasler – this weekend
Windsor hosts this weekend’s Hasler race. Please get any pre-entries to James Keeble. Full race details

8-Oct-12 Reading K4 Results
Some excellent pictures from the K4 event – thanks to Petteri Ehoniemi.

7-Oct-12 Reading K4 Results
A well attend event with 34 K4’s across 3 races! The nice weather helped, see you all next year? See full results. Any feedback welcome postive or negative, idea for improving next year?

4-Oct-12 Reading K4 – This Saturday 6-Oct
All go for Reading K4 race this Saturday, the weather looks to be on board. Entries are looking super. The event is run from the club. Parking at the club is limited, therefore please car share where possible and park considerably. The is additional in Albert Road.

Reading K4 – Not got a full crew?
Want to race K4 and not got a full crew, please let know we might be able to help put together another boat together. Please email us!

3-Oct-12 Reading K4 – This Saturday 6-Oct
Update to pre-entries for this Saturday’s race [here]

Race A 4 boats
Race B 10 boats
Race C 11 boats

Full entries

2-Oct-12 Reading K4 – This Saturday 6-Oct
Pre-entries for this Saturday’s race [here]

1-Oct-12 Hasler Final Results – Provisional
Provisional results, interesting breakdown of points

Name Club Seats Total Hasler
Norwich CC NOR 46 487 218
Elmbridge CC ELM 34 421 217
Chelmsford CC CLM 20 256 214
Wey KC WEY 36 314 200
Banbury & District BAN 64 509 194
Falcon CC FOX 31 263 192
Basingstoke CC BAS 30 296 190
Richmond CC RIC 30 327 181
Reading CC RDG 36 325 179
Leighton Buzzard CC LBZ 15 157 153
Tonbridge CC TON 17 146 142
Nottingham CC NOT 15 153 141
Solihull SOL 12 130 126

Windsor Hasler 14-Oct-2012
We are already 2 races into the Hasler 2013 season, here comes number 3. With the return of Windsor Hasler

1-Oct-12 Hasler Final
Thanks to Banbury and Wokingham for organising this year’s Hasler Final, there was no need for the separation buoy, everyone behaved! We are waiting for the full results. Congratulations to Norwich.

Reading K4 – This Saturday 6-Oct
When was the last time you raced K4? Get your entry in now – race details

Brian Greenham
After his second placed 60-64 Master Class World Championship in Rome, Brian went one better to take gold in the Division 3 Hasler Final yesterday. Legend

Liffey Decent
Busy weekend for James Treadgold and Anita Seaford, who before racing at the Hasler Final on Sunday flew out Ireland to win the Masters Class

K2 10 Series
Next event is at Wokingham on 13-Oct

Henley Results
People have raised concerns with the results below, so will need to wait until they have been validated and appear on MRC website.

28-Sept-12 Henley Results
Provisional Henley results

Club results

Club Seats Total Hasler Points
FOX 49 646 236 10
BAN 55 521 224 9
RDG 17 198 180 8
BAS 25 297 179 7
LON 20 221 177 6
PAN 14 150 151 5
WOK 9 146 146 4
SOU 22 168 132 3

25-Sept-12 Fantastic results in Szeged for Reading Olympic Hopes competitors
Little late to press on this, but still very much worth mentioning. The club was well represented in Olympic Hopes regatta.Sam and his K2 partner Will Bird from Worcester managed to get into the A Final in all distances they competed in. They achieved a bronze medal in the 1000m K2, a 4th place in 200m and a 7th in 500m.

Amber and her partner Bethan Owen reached the A final in 1000m finish 7th.

We also had Dom Hutchinson, Imogen Collins and Amy Turner racing Sobeka

14-Sept-12 Reading K4
How many chances do you get to race K4? Well here is one! Check out the details, if you can’t get a whole crew together let us know and we will try and help out.

11-Sept-12 Slalom @ RDG
The slalom section of the club site has had little bit of make over… [read more]

03-Sept-12 National Sprint Regatta – Nottingham
The sprint regatta season finished at the weekend with a hatful of medals for Reading paddlers – 25 in total, plunderer- in – chief being Sam Kirschstein competing in 7 events and medalling in them all including golds in the u16 1000m K1, all 3 U16 K2s and the U16 1000m K4. Let’s hope this bodes well for Sam and his partner Will Bird of Worcester, at the Olympic Hopes regatta in Szged in a couple of weeks time. [Read More]

28-Aug-12 Medway Marathon[Race Details][Clive Neale]
This race is a classic A to B race with 9 proper portages, so ideal for anyone who is bored with going round and round in circles at laps races. Please note the race is on 16th September as per the racing handbook, not on 9th as shown on another BCU calendar.

24-Aug-12 Poole Harbour Race
An invitation from PHCC to the “Poole Harbour Race” on Sunday 2nd Sept starting from a sandy beach on the edge of the harbour, sunshine and food included.The harbour race is a set of three races of 4, 8 and 15 miles around the harbour.
This year the two longer courses both go round Brownsea Island. The short course runs along the shore. All welcome Sea kayak (classic and racing), K1, K2, Ski, Wavehopper, WWR and General purpose. All ages welcome.

The format features a “Le-Mans” style start from the beach at Lake Pier, Poole, BH15 4LR (for Sat Nav users) Burgers, cakes and tea for competitors are included in the price on your return.
The Bournemouth Airshow is held the same weekend so you might have something to watch in the sky above.

Check in from 9:30, Race briefing at 11:00 The entry form is on our club website.

Race updates will appear on facebook events page “Poole Harbour Canoe Race 2012

19-Aug-12 Nationals – Norwich
Course update here

13-Aug-12 Pangbourne Hasler
We the offer of a new course and different venue, check out the Pangbourne Hasler details

6-Aug-12 Sprint National Regatta – Nottingham 1-2 September
Please sign up for the regatta BY THIS WEDNESDAY (8th) if you require an entry. Also, an up to date statement of money owed will be on the notice board so please settle your sprint accounts asap.

National marathon championships – 25-26-August
Details of this years National Marathon Championships. Racing this year will be held at Norwich Canoe Club over the bank holiday weekend. Please can you email your entries to James Keeble by WEDNESDAY THIS WEEK. Please state what class you will be entering along with name and BCU number.

24-Jul-12 Interclub Champions – 3rd Year Running

As the 2012 Olympics get into full swing, Reading Canoe Club can celebrate winning their own Gold Medal equivalent – The MacGregor Paddle. The final point score is now out – we have beaten 2nd place team, Nottingham, by 9 clear points.
Thanks go out to ALL 38 team members and their supporters with special mention going to our veteran paddlers, new and old, who certainly provided the backbone to this result. Debutants Lee Atkins and Brian Hammond won their K1 finals and were ably supported by Nigel Frankland, Peter Mainprize and Paul Toomey in K2 and K4. Canoe Paddler Alo Laanmaa too, deserves great credit for his win and 2 second places in Canoe class C.[Read More]


24-Jul-12 Olympic Hopes Selections
Congratulation to Amber Owen and Sam Kirschstein-Smith who have been selected for the Olympic Hope regatta, this year is being hosted in Szeged. There are 23 athletes in total.

24-Jul-12 Interclubs Result?
The club attend the Macgregor Paddle competition on mass at the weekend and was met with excellent weather! Although the final result are not known, the club held a healthy lead throughout the event, so here is hoping for 3 in a row!
London 2012 Equality [Samantha Rippington]
Thames Valley Paddler challenges LOCOG to complete Equality assesment of 2012 Olympics Programme. As you may or may not be aware, fellow canoeist Samantha Rippington from Reading has launched a High Court challenge to the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games (LOCOG’s) refusal to carry out an equalities audit of the Olympic sports programme.

Samantha wants LOCOG to examine the gender bias in the Olympic sports programme, including the Olympic canoeing programme, which leaves out women’s canoeing events despite featuring a number of men’s canoe events.

If you wish to find out more information, please see the link below:

Also convered on the Royal site

16-Jul-12 2012 Thames Valley- inter club- open 10k k2 series. [Tom Daniels] [Flyer]
The first of 5 races has been and gone at RCC on the 23rd June. The next two to follow are Longridge and Falcon followed by Wokingham TBC and Elmbridge TBC.We have fortunately had Trophies donated and have been able to award a trophy for almost every class I.e junior girls, veterans etc.

It is going to be well attended with likes of Paul W, Andy D, Ben F, on the line up, these guys are all paddling with either juniors or vets to even things up a bit.

Currently we have 23 K2s entered of all abilities. The crew to beat is the current title holders Mens: Louis Allen CKP and George Barnicoat LON. Women’s: Gail Battison RDG and Debbie Cane RDG.

Hope to see you there!

16-Jul-12 Interclubs Update
Paul Toomey has kindly agreed to take a trailer up to Nottingham for interclubs this weekend. There will be a charge of £5 per boat and boat owners must provide straps for the boats and load their boats at Reading (Thurs eve) and at Nottingham. Please sign the sheet at the club if you want to use this facility.

There has been a delay in the publication of the regatta programme-it should be out today (Monday) so keep an eye BCU National Regatta Information website.

And finally, shhhhhhhh but it might just stop raining for Nottingham next weekend, according to BBC 10 day forecast!

Other Stuff
ICF Press Release – ICF Launches London 2012 Page
Southampton Canoe Club Sprints 21-July-12 – apears to clash with the inter-clubs?

12-Jul-12 Bath to Bradford [Stan Missen]
Following very heavy rain the weir face portages and river conditions are such that we have reluctantly had to cancel racing this Saturday – this decision has been made following an inspection of the course this evening. The lower parts of the river used for the Bath to Bradford is washed out following flash flooding in the adjacent valley. It has also been raining heavily all today and more is predicted and due to this conditions are expected to worsen on the upper reaches used for the circuit race over the next 48 hours  – so with regret, Sundays racing has also been cancelled.We will endeavour to reschedule the racing later in the season.

Also believe Iron Bridge has been cancelled

10-Jul-12 Reading Juniors Escort The Torch
Reading Canoe Club juniors Amber, Imogen and Sam escorted Olympic Torchbearer No. 48 (Sarah Lewendon) in a beautiful wooden K4 on Olympic sprint venue Dorney Lake today.
Click on the images to see Tamsin’s photos sull size

5-Jul-12 Adverts
The advert section is back up and running! Database premissions all sorted, for now at least. A number of adverts have been expired, if your advert is still required please re-submitt a new request.

5-Jul-12 Summer Social – this SaturdayFor those attending – timings for Saturday’s event are as follows:

2:30 pm – Arrive at the club to sort out teams for Brian’s games on the river
3:00 pm – The Games commence
5:30 pm (approx.) – BBQ and drinks

Please also note that there will be a £3 charge per person to cover food costs.

Fancy dress is encouraged – please feel free to be as creative as you like on the Olympic theme!

5-Jul-12 Sella – How to Enter?
If you not enjoying the games, how about escaping to the Sella? Check out details on how to enter

Wokingham Results Updated
The update Hasler and Assessment race results

Marathon Racing Committee – ACM
Details of Annual Consultative Meeting to be held at the National marathon championship in Norwich

2-Jul-12 Southern Region Standing
Reading win the Southern region following some excellent results at Wokingham Hasler (last Southern Region race), the club took 11 podium places. Congratulation to our top canoeist Alo Laanmaa on his promotion to division 4!

Reading 9 6 9 8 10 10 8 0 10 7 77 6 71 Q
Banbury 6 8 7 10 9 9 10 0 9 8 76 6 70 Q
Falcon 8 5 10 9 7 8 9 0 7 9 72 5 67 Q
Basingstoke 10 10 4 7 8 8 5 0 8 6 66 4 62 Q

Longridge 8 10 8 4 4 4 6 0 6 5 55 4 51
Southampton 4 4 5 5 6 6 7 0 4 10 51 4 47
Pangbourne 5 7 6 7 5 5 4 0 5 4 48 4 44
Wokingham 3 3 1 1 3 3 2 0 3 3 22 1 21 Q*
Cokethorpe 1 1 3 2 0 2 3 0 0 3 15 1 14
Bourne End 3 2 2 3 0 1 0 0 1 0 12 0 12
Eyot 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 2 0 4 0 4
Newbury 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 2
PRA 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 2 0 2
Marlow 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1
Lord Wansorth 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 1
DKS 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Windsor 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

* Qualified as host club

2-Jul-12 Summer Social – This Saturday 7-July
Please can you email and let James Keeble if you plan to attend this Saturday’s summer social at the club. There will be games on the river in the afternoon followed by a late afternoon / evening BBQ. Attendance is currently looking low and we may have to re-schedule or cancel if we don’t hear from many others. Please confirm if you can make it so we know how many to cater for.

1-Jul-12 Wokingham Hasler
Well done everyone who raced at Wokingham on Sunday – there are some photos in the photostrips area (left menu)