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Slalom Success – Winchester 2019

After a winter of hard training in cold, dark conditions, it was delight to re visit Winchester slalom on a lovely sunny day. For many juniors this was their very first competition and a chance to test their practised slalom skills. I am proud to say that they did us proud with 4 wins and 3 promotions!

All 4 junior girls produced great runs negotiating the course with care and speed. Congratulations to Erin Bonsall and Isabelle Fulford who were very competitive and dug hard to achieve 1st and 2nd place and promotion to Division 3! Close behind were Charlotte Fulford and Holly Williams achieving 4th and 5th place. Praise to Holly who achieved 2 clear runs! Well done girls!

Not to be out done the boys also did extremely well. After a wild first run of many penalties, Tom Robson cleaned up his act and achieved an even faster run with only 1 penalty to achieve top place and promotion to Division 3! Praise to Peter Skinner who under pressure, focused and achieved the best run I have ever seen from him. Well done!

I would like to thank all those that helped make this a successful weekend. To Emily and Natalie Neville for patiently coaching the juniors on the water and then achieving top 2 places in the women’s Open event and with Zoe in 3rd. To Marc for his organisation, camera work and for a memorable one-sided C1 run. To Andy for achieving a very competitive winning run in the men’s open and winning the ‘most canoes on a roof rack’ competition! To all the parents that came and supported, thank you all.

If you would like to be part of this successful slalom team or would just like to give slalom a go, join us on Wednesdays from 6 – 8 pm.

Slalom Coach
Andy Field

Cardington Slalom Weekend

From swinging poles, cheerleading dogs and secret boat purchases Cardington Slalom was a jam-packed weekend full of fun!  On the weekend of 1st/2nd Sept the Neville gang, Liz, George, Jodie, Dan and Mark (and the dogs Charlie and Lola) took part in this competition.

To kick it off Andy sped down the course achieving an epic time (and beating some 12 year olds!). In the men’s division 3, George, Mark and Dan squeezed  through the gates collecting amazing times  that kept improving! On the girl’s side, Jodie, Natalie, Emily and Zoe all raced down the course with Charlie and Lola barking the whole way!

In the end, the girls managed to come out on top, beating all the boys! Go girls!

Overall it was a fantastic weekend of paddling with great success all round.

By Emily Neville

Crazy Course at Cardington!

During sunny September 1st and 2nd, Cardington saw Team Reading venture down its tight course, squeezing past each gate and down its drops.

The first to set off was Andy Neville, who showed impeccable skill as he scooted down the course and was able to improve his score each time. The next to go was Zoe Neville. Although Zoe hasn’t been on as many races as others, she fearlessly approached each drop with confidence and even met with the dreaded gate 7!

Noticeably, there were two men that showed their competitive side – each time they ran the course they couldn’t resist comparing scores and trying to get better times. This was none other than Marc Gutteridge and George Murphy. George showed amazing agility and skill as he came down the course, unfortunately having to move aside to avoid another paddler. This didn’t prevent George from giving it all he had! Marc had two very unlucky swims during his practice and his first run. He didn’t let that stop him though! He shrugged it off and gave it all he had on the second run, without any swims!

Next was Natalie, as she sped off and grabbed a trophy for each day: Under 16. Well done Natalie! (That is a total of 2 trophies). Emily laughed at the course. She sped down showing a great level of determination and grabbed the Under 14 trophy on the first day, as well as fourth place. To top it all off, on the second day, she also won a third place!

Well done Reading Canoe Club Slalom Team, aka Andy’s angels,

You have all done SO WELL!



Further success in Slalom, June 2017

Over the past few weekends the Reading slalom section have tried their skills on moving water! Emily, Natalie and dad Andy Neville went to Cardington. Emily put in a strong run and gained a promotion to Division 3 with a second place. Andy did very well in his first Division 3 race winning the event, commenting, “I managed to win but not by much and against such small kids – they are so fast!’

Last Saturday 6 paddlers competed at Shepperton and experienced their first weir slalom. With the noise and flow of water from the weir, our paddlers were quickly out of their comfort zone. With grit determination and after many swims, they made big improvements in their water skills.

Alex Tonkin recorded a good run at his first ever slalom beating many paddlers from the higher division and gaining promotion to Division 3. Also, after much practice and a few swims, Duncan Edwards achieved a fast final run to win the Division 3 competition.

All must be commended on their perseverance on new and challenging water conditions. Special mention to Peter Skinner who even after 8 or more capsizes never gave up and received Best under 12 in Div4!

Success at first slalom

Congratulations to the Reading Slalom paddlers for their success at Winchester Slalom on 14th May. Ten Reading paddlers competed in their very first slalom against other division 4 paddlers. Competition was fierce. Many of ours achieved clean, fast runs posting excellent times.  Everybody deserves to be very proud of themselves for giving their best on the day.

Success was also achieved in a wave hopper competition – 750 metre dash down the river resulting in a 1st for Duncan Edwards and awards to Marc Gutteridge and Andy Field. Maybe more WWR racing in the future?

Special mention to….

Jodie Barker -1st in Div 4 K1 women, overall winner and promoted.
Natalie Neville – 2nd in K1 Div 4 women and promoted.
Andy Neville – 2nd in K1 Div 4 Men and promoted.
Duncan Edwards – 5th in K1 Div 4 Men and promoted.
Duncan Edwards – 1st in C1 Div 4 Men and promoted.
Andy Field – 1st in Open Class.

Here’s to an incredible achievement from all, well done!!

Junior Slalom Session

Junior Slalom sessions from next Wednesday (22nd). The sessions are open to any junior who would like to learn how to paddle slalom and those who would like to improve their technique.

Sessions will be on Wednesday evenings from 18:00 to 19:00. No need to book, just come along.