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Reading Circuit Race 2021

Details are now available for the Reading Circuit Race 2021. Due to Covid restrictions, changes will be made to the way we normally run this race.

Please note that entries are limited to 300 and priority is given to Southern region until the 25th. No late entries will be allowed.

Please check back here on our website for the latest information leading up to the race.

Reading Circuit Race Details 2021

Mini junior regatta 2020- the year’s first and last!

Saturday 5th September 2020 saw some much anticipated K1 Sprint Racing on the River Thames at Caversham, in spite of the global pandemic. In the absence of any Nottingham Sprint Regattas this year, Reading Canoe Club’s Junior Coach, Freddie Kemp, organised a COVID compliant Mini Sprint Regatta for some lucky juniors – the first and last Sprint Regatta of 2020!

All social distancing rules were observed and any spectators were spread out on both banks, including interested passers by taking an afternoon walk on the promenade. The weather was fine with none of the traditional gusty crosswinds of Nottingham. Instead, the participants expertly negotiated a range of rowers, cruisers and barges …. and their washes. Racing lanes had to be a bit flexible!

For several of the Juniors, this was their first experience of a Sprint Regatta and Freddie ran the event in a traditional format. The timetable included 2 groups of K1 Races: 200m, 500m and 1000m distances with extra time allowed to warm up and warm down. Each race was announced in advance and the paddlers organised themselves for the start of their race – great experience for the next Nottingham Sprint Regatta. There was no ‘Team in the Tower’ for processing the results, Freddie started and finished each race on his bike and shared the times at the end of the afternoon.

There were no start buckets for this Regatta but the racing was serious nonetheless. There were a couple of speedy special guests leading the field and ‘rinsing’ the paddlers behind them – all part of the Regatta experience! Naturally, the usual mountain of snacks was consumed back at the club to boost those energy levels between races. 

A huge thank you to Freddie for putting together a great experience for the Juniors that have trained really hard with his coaching this year, despite all the changing rules and challenges that coronavirus has presented. An excellent afternoon of racing.

Update on the phased re-opening

It’s great to see the steady return to paddling and fitness of both Juniors and Adults and the regular use of the club. Thank you to all our active members and coaches as the large majority of you seem to be following the guidelines to help keep us safe, including booking access, trying to socially distance, and wash hands and clean club equipment before and after use.

However, it is inevitable that, as time goes on, we all become a bit more complacent. Yet with increased numbers and activity there is even more reason to follow the guidelines. Plus all indications are that we are going to have to manage this situation for several months to come. So it is the responsibility of us all – Juniors, Adults, Coaches, Parents and Visitors – to follow the guidelines and promote and implement their use. 

So can we remind you, please:

  1. Do not come down to the club if you have symptoms of Covid19 or have been asked to self isolate
  2. You must book a timeslot to access the site with an identifiable name or initials of all paddlers. For junior coached sessions the coach is responsible for keeping a record of attendance, but the sessions must be identified. Several members have been down in the last week, who were subsequently found not to have booked in. If you are having trouble accessing or using Google sheets please let us know or ask another member to help you.
  3. Keep the site secure by locking the gate and clubhouse when you go out to paddle or leave the site when nobody else is around. On several occasions recently the gate, doors and shutters have been left open or not been closed properly. If another responsible member is around make an explicit request for them to close up.
  4. Continue to keep the boatshed dry, clean and tidy
    1. Do not empty water from your boats in the boatshed
    2. There should be no wet towels, boat bags, buoyancy aids left lying around
  5. Keep the downstairs lobby and worktop clear of kit / possessions. (see below*)
  6. Bring and take home your possessions. Several items have been left lying around the boatshed recently. 
  7. Remember to protect against Weil’s disease – some symptoms are similar to Coronavirus.
  8. Read the attached updated Covid19 risk assessment
  • If you must bring some kit on site, please leave it tidily along the line of the K4s in the boatshed. Otherwise the lower lobby gets too congested. However, access to the boiler room and the fire exit at the east end of the boatshed must be maintained.

If you have suggestions for improvements where things are not working quite right, or you feel uncomfortable, please let us know at so we can review and take appropriate action. We will consider proposals for opening up further areas of the clubhouse or activities e.g. gym  However, this depends on agreement of the process to be followed, identification of any training, revisions to the risk assessment required and an individual taking responsibility to progress and manage the change.

Please help us keep all our members, developing athletes and visitors, safe, fit and healthy

First Aid Course June 2020

This June, with Covid-19 restrictions still firmly in place, our Junior Coach Freddie Kemp arranged a two-day First Aid course to be run at the Club for 10 people. Freddie himself needed it to gain his Level 2 Coaching certificate, but we also had seven other club members giving up their weekend to learn all about First Aid. That included four of our Juniors, who help out with coaching already.

The course was run by Sea Cadet Stuart Spencer, who had paddling experience himself. Despite it being one of the first courses he’d run since the Covid-19 restrictions had been relaxed, he was very clear on procedure on how to keep everyone safely distanced.

An intensive weekend, well worth the time. And it’s good to know that we have another seven highly competent First Aiders at the Club.