Club Awards Night and Trophy winners

The Club welcomed 70 people to their annual awards night on 11th November, the theme this year being ‘International’ – a celebration of how many of our paddlers had been racing abroad this year.

Imogen was kindly hosting the evening and she, along with a team of helpers, had done a wonderful job of dressing up the hall and terrace into a wonderland of lights and glamour.

Immi did a terrific round up of all that had been going on this year – from hard training, to racing sprints and marathons, at home and abroad, to all the many social events. Miriam told us about her Improver Group, awarding her PIG (paddler improver group) of the Year, as Charlotte Bell.

Nigel gave us a round up of the many spheres he’s involved with – Under 10s group, ergo training, NITs (Nigel Intensive Training) sessions, naming his NIT of the Year as Nikki!

Then came the announcement of the serious Trophy winners, listed below. Congratulations to them all:

Trophy Winners:

Cruise Cup (most points scored in haslers) – Aidan Teeuwen

Sprint Paddler of the Year – Oli Mazur

Paddler of the Year – Harry Freeland

Veteran Paddler of the Year – Edgar Boehm

Junior Paddler of the Year – Tilla Kubisch-Wiles

Most Improved Junior Paddler of the Year – Tyler (Bob) Kinder

Most Improved Adult Paddler of the Year – Jeremy Harmsworth

K2 of the Year – Trevor Mills and whoever is brave enough to K2 with him!

Ashes Trophy (for going above and beyond in volunteering) – Sabine Kirschstein

Bill Mowbray (for DW performance) – Aidan Teeuwen and Max Prins-Mills

Swimmer of the Year – Beni Nagy

Thank you very much to Lynn, who bravely did the catering for us all, and to the many people who brought puddings. Thanks also to Becky for all the photos and the many other members who helped put the event on. It was a fun and colourful evening.