Annual Club Fun Day

July 29th, 2023

Weren’t we lucky! With all the wet weather we’ve had this summer, plus the odd clap of thunder and lightning crackle, we were truly blessed to enjoy blue skies and sunshine on our Fun Day.

There was a great turn out – 47 in total, all ages … some just watching and bbqing, others doing it all. Nigel had done a great job with the games, starting with the Rescue Relay – a hugely competitive race to and fro across the river.

Next was the River Clean up – all very environmentally friendly, with points for the most (carefully planted) litter collected.

Tug-of-war is always a terrific spectacle of sinking canoes and this year’s didn’t fail to entertain. Impressive tugging Team 2!

Fill the Boat was a new game – just how many people could you fit in a Canadian? Chose them small and it can be plenty. 12 was the max.

Penultimately, there was a game requiring a little artistic interpretation … just how imaginative could you get with group poses in a Canadian? We had handstands, splits, beautifully balanced head dunkings … terrific.

Finale was the nappy race swim, beautifully illustrated below by Levente, and won by a determinedly by Trevor, floating triumphantly below.

Quick change and it was bbq time – thank you Darren and Mili for making that happen. It was a great end to truly fun afternoon.