Annual Club Fun Day

Saturday, 16th July 2022, by Erika

As you’ll see from the photos, no one enjoyed the Fun Day on Saturday! 🤣 It had to be the hottest Fun Day we had ever held – temperatures in the high 20s – and had the most capsizes too. I wonder why? 🤔

We had 8 teams with 6/7 people in each team … it was pretty busy and took a lot of shouting to keep everyone up to date with what they were doing. We had the pop-the-balloon ‘death’ race, racing circuits, the chariot race and, of course, tug of war … more like, sink the canoe. The grand finale was the nappy race. What a hoot!

Thanks Brian, it wasn’t an easy job to keep so many people entertained.

It was brilliant!

Sink the canoe!
Tug of war determination!