Cardington Slalom Weekend

From swinging poles, cheerleading dogs and secret boat purchases Cardington Slalom was a jam-packed weekend full of fun!  On the weekend of 1st/2nd Sept the Neville gang, Liz, George, Jodie, Dan and Mark (and the dogs Charlie and Lola) took part in this competition.

To kick it off Andy sped down the course achieving an epic time (and beating some 12 year olds!). In the men’s division 3, George, Mark and Dan squeezed  through the gates collecting amazing times  that kept improving! On the girl’s side, Jodie, Natalie, Emily and Zoe all raced down the course with Charlie and Lola barking the whole way!

In the end, the girls managed to come out on top, beating all the boys! Go girls!

Overall it was a fantastic weekend of paddling with great success all round.

By Emily Neville