The Annual Club Fun Day

What is it about the Annual Club Fun Day that makes it so special? Is it all those crazy games that Brian devises? Is it because children of every age, and most certainly the adult ones, become so enormously competitive? Is it that you have to do such silly things?

It’s all that and more, of course. And 2018’s was no different. We had a good turn out – 30 participants – across all ages. Plus, the wind … that was no help at all.

First up was the ‘Death Race’ – each team in a Canadian canoe, trying to pop all other teams’ string of balloons with a plastic fork. Next was the relay race – one paddler getting the rest of their team from one side of the river to the other, one by one. Saw some pretty nifty paddle work and dastardly moves too. There was a water polo game, with each team trying to get the ball and throw it into Brian’s boat – Brian was just too good at it. No scoring at all.

Then tug of war, paddle the black cross float around a course with all the team on it, human fishing and a nappy swim from hardy Annabel and Toby. The rest were too cold by then.

After all that exertion, a bbq was in order.

Big thanks as ever to Brian for putting it all on. Such fun!