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AGM & Awards – Saturday 18th October 2014

AGM Saturday 18th October 2014, 11:00 [PDF]

The club annual general meeting to be held after the morning boat session on 18-Oct. Free tea, coffee and cake! Please see notices, any questions please contact member of the committee.

Club Annual Awards Saturday 18th October, 19:30

Who will win the cruse cup 2014? Who will be swimmer of the year? Come and fine out at the club awards evening! If you wish to stay for the dinner, then you will need to reserve your place. Please send email to Nikki. Bring your own drinks.

K4 Race Results

Yesterday’s K4 race was blessed with exceptional weather. Big thank you to those who helped run the event, without you it would not be possible. Regrettably we only had one A boat which raced in the B race taking a time penalty on the start line.

Hope everyone had fun, look forward to seeing you for next year’s events.

Results – apologies, couple of the names are missing, these will be completed tonight.

Race B
Race C

Regatta Report

The sprinters experienced a lovely weekend in Nottingham which ( as you all know) is very rare with gentle tail winds and a beautiful blue sky (well, at least on Sunday).

Of course, there was a bit of algae in the water but people were willing to overlook this fact as all other conditions were close to perfect.

All Reading paddlers did very well in this Regatta but as it was the Junior National Championships I have listed some of the best results below. Considering that we only had 5 juniors entering this Regatta we had some fantastic results. We also had a complete newcomer in this Regatta, Laszlo, who joined us on Sunday for the 500m coming second in his Final.

Fred & RIC crew K4 1000m U14 Gold
Fred, James & RIC crew K4 500m U14 Gold
Sam & Ed K2 1000m U18 Gold
Sam & Ed K2 500m U18 Gold
Sam/Ed/Magnus/Luke K4 1000 U18 Gold
Sam & Ed K2 200m U18 Silver
Hafsa & R. Blackman K2 500m U16 Bronze
Hafsa & R. Blackman K2 1000m U16 Bronze
Very good results:
Fred & James K2 1000m U14 4th
Fred & James K2 500m U14 5th
Hafsa Kabeer K1 1000m U16 6th
Hafsa & R. Blackman K2 200m U16 6th
Melissa & SOU crew K4 500m U16 6th
Hafsa Kabeer K1 500m U16 7th
Hafsa Kabeer K1 200m U16 1st B Final
Stephanie Hutchinson K1 200m U14 2nd B Final
Stephanie Hutchinson K1 500m U14 4th B Final
Fred Kemp K1 500m U16 3rd B Final
Fred Kemp K1 200m U16 4th B Final