Southern Region Hasler Club Points (8 Races)

FALCON 10 9 10 10 10 9 10 8 76 8 68
BANBURY 7 10 9 8 9 10 6 7 66 6 60
LONGRIDGE 9 8 5 8 8 8 8 6 60 5 55
READING 6 6 8 5 7 7 9 9 57 5 52
SOUTHAMPTON 4 7 7 9 6 6 4 10 53 4 49
BASINGSTOKE 8 4 4 6 4 4 7 5 42 4 38
PANGBOURNE 5 5 6 4 5 5 5 4 39 4 35
BOURNE END 3 2 3 0 2 2 1 3 16 0 16
HENLEY 0 3 0 3 0 0 3 0 9 0 9
COKETHORPE 0 0 0 0 3 3 0 0 6 0 6
WOKINGHAM 2 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 3 0 3
WINDSOR 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 2 0 2

This year 5 clubs will qualify for the Hasler Final from the Southern region. With an 11 point gap and only 1 race remaining, the following clubs will therefore qualify for this year’s Hasler Final: Falcon, Banbury, Longridge, Reading and Southampton.

Upcoming Races

The next Southern Region Hasler race is at Longridge on Saturday 29th August. As well as the National Marathon Championships, there are a couple of other races of interest coming up…

Medway Marathon – Sunday 26 July 2015

A 17.5 mile  race on the River Medway from Maidstone to Tonbridge, Kent. Organised by Tonbridge Canoe Club.

Medway Marathon Details

Richmond Hasler – Sunday 2nd August 2015

Within the London & South East racing region, so not a  Hasler qualifier for Reading, but only an hour away from Reading.

Richmond Hasler Details


AGM & Awards – Saturday 24th October 2015

Save the date for the Reading Canoe Club AGM & Awards Evening on Saturday 24th October. Final details TBC – check for notices here and posters at the club house closer to the event .

AGM – Saturday Morning

The club annual general meeting, including election of the committee, will be held after the morning paddling session.  Free tea, coffee and cake will likely be provided. Any members who wish to make a proposal for inclusion at the meeting should do so in writing at least 2 weeks before the event.

Awards – Saturday Evening

Take the afternoon off, then re-convene in the evening for the annual club awards, dinner and social evening. Who will be paddler of the year? Who is the most improved paddler? Who will win the Cruse Cup for most Hasler points earned this year? Who will be swimmer of the year, will it be won by a consistent swimmer, or by a one-off demonstration of style? Who has given most to the club this year to win the ashes of the old clubhouse?  All will be revealed at the awards ceremony.

Then on Sunday we want a full turn out at the Banbury Hasler!

Southern Region Hasler Club Points (7 Races)

FALCON 10 9 10 10 10 9 10 68 9 59
BANBURY 7 10 9 8 9 10 6 59 6 53
LONGRIDGE 9 8 5 8 8 8 8 54 5 49
READING 6 6 8 5 7 7 9 48 5 43
SOUTHAMPTON 4 7 7 9 6 6 4 43 4 39
BASINGSTOKE 8 4 4 6 4 4 7 37 4 33
PANGBOURNE 5 5 6 4 5 5 5 35 4 31

(Based on provisional results from Thames Valley Hasler.)

Picnic Paddle & Fun Day

Club Picnic Paddle  – Wednesday 29th July

A paddle for all club members and their family are welcome to come along.

There is a sign up sheet on the junior notice board at the club.

The paddle will be from Pangbourne youth centre to the club. You will need to bring a packed lunch and some money for ice creams at Mappledurham lock plus spare clothes so if you go for a swim at lunch you have something warm for the remainder of the paddle.

Brian will tow the canoes with the coaching boat to Pangbourne early in the morning and would appreciate if a parent could come along to stay with the canoes as he returns to the club.

We will meet at the club at about 10:00 and hopefully once all are kitted out transported to Pangbourne by parents. Can parents also contact Nigel if they are going to come along so he can organise car transport.

The aim is to return to the club around 15:00.

Club Fun Day – Saturday 25th July

Lots of crazy games and getting wet. Please sign up sheet on Junior notice board.

Meet at club around 13:30 for 14:00 start.

There will be a BBQ after the games at around 17:00. At the moment not sure if it is a bring your own food and do your own cooking or a charge and organised affair. BBQ will be provided.

For further details please contact Brian.

Nottingham Regatta July 2015

Junior and Under 23 National Championship

Ah, this was the Regatta we had all been waiting for. Some of us, namely Steph and Fred, because it was the Juniors and U23 National Championship, and the rest of us because of the weather. Yes, for once a no-show for howling head winds; a little breezy and lots of sun Saturday, total calm Sunday.

That certainly seemed to play to our Junior paddlers’ strengths; they put on a phenomenal performance. Steph was Final 1 for both her K1 races, 4th in 500m and 5th in 200m, then on the Sunday got in a boat for the first time with Floss from Wiltshire and stormed to 2nd.

K2 partners Steph and Floss win second in the K2 final
K2 partners Steph and Floss win second in the K2 final

Fred, too, was on fiery form. Glad to have his usual K2 partner back in the boat, despite his knee injury, he and James swept the board, picking up a hat-trick of National Champions Gold for K2 1000m, 500m and 200m. And for K1 … Fred was National Champion for 200m, and Bronze for 500m. “What happened with the Bronze” was his middle brother’s only comment! Both the 200m performances were particularly strong with the field left well behind. It is his favourite distance after all.

Fred with K2 partner James after winning the 200m final
Fred with K2 partner James after winning the 200m final

Vicki Lucas bravely took to the course for the first time with very respectable results for all three of her K1 races. Sam Scowen was there, coming 4th in her 200m K1, Plus our other two Sams – Kirschstein and our borrowed Kiwi, Sam Newlands and Radek, too. RCC almost felt like we had a proper posse up there, especially when Immi turned up on Sunday to cheer everyone on! Radek and Sam’s K2 1000m was an impressive 3rd and, for the 5k race, they came 5th and 3rd respectively.

See you all up there for Interclubs on 5th/6th September with more of that no-wind-and-lots-of-sunshine!