Sport Duty of Care Review: call for evidence

The government is undertaking a review into the Duty of Care sport has towards participants. The aim is to develop a comprehensive plan for how government and the whole sporting system can more effectively look after people who take part in grassroots sport and people who perform at the elite level, including those on a talent pathway.  This call for evidence will gather information from people who are or have been involved in sport and from members of the public. The review team is interested in views and experiences of what works well and how current systems could be improved.

Sport Duty of Care Review – Further Details

Summer Training Sessions for Members

Clocks have gone forward and we kick off the summer training schedule. Below we list the sessions you can attend – times indicate when to be on the water. Some are suitable for all levels, others split according to your speed.

Do make use of the extra sessions to improve your paddle skills and rescuing techniques so everyone is safe on the water. Dates for these yet to be confirmed.

And don’t forget the hasler races start 17th April. If you’ve never done one, but are interested, talk to the coaches or Hasler race leader, Evan. It’s exciting, will give you a real sense of achievement and before you know it, you’ll be an old hand at them, just waiting for the next race to come along. As for sprints, April entries are now in; look out for the deadline for the May regatta.

5k Time trial – start 6.30pm (with 3k version available for newcomers)
– suitable for all levels (as long as you’re stable in a boat and can paddle 5k)

Early birds – 6.30am to 7.30am
Core – 4:30 to 5:00pm (coach: Nigel)
Perfecting Paddling – 5:30pm to 6:30pm (all divisions – coach: Nigel)
Intervals – 6.30pm to 7.30pm (Div5 to Div1 – coach: Dave)
Intervals – 6.30pm (Div 9 to 6 – coach: Nigel tbc)

Pangbourne paddle / long paddle – look for confirmation and start time on RCC Facebook each week
Slalom – 6pm-7pm (beginners – coach: Andy F)
Slalom – 7pm-8pm (advanced – coach: Andy F)

Early birds – 6.30am to 7.30am
3, 2, 1 – 6.30pm to 7.30pm (about Div6 to Div1 – coach: Dave)
Alternative 3, 2, 1 – 6.30pm to 7.30pm (about Div9 to Div7 – coach: Nigel tbc)

Core & stretching: – 8.30am to 9am (Nigel)
Mixed group session – 9.15am to 10.30am (Div9 to Div4 – coach: Nigel)
– point to point, wash hanging, hare and hounds
Often a faster group go out too, depending on who’s around

9am – Club session

These are the more formalised training sessions. Members are, of course, welcome to go out whenever they wish, with the usual proviso that they should go out in a group of three or more if in Club boats.

In addition, Nigel plans to put on:

  • Adult Training Days to cover – Paddle Skills, Rescue Techniques, Major Incident Role play
  • Junior Training Days every 8 to 10 weeks
  • Under 10’s Fun Sessions – Monday & Thursday 5:30pm to 6:15pm (9 May to 29 Sept)

The rest of the Junior training sessions will have been sent to you by Brian

Miriam runs PIGS (Paddler Improver Group) and will be in touch separately about these.

Reading Canoe Club Kit

Racing Vests

Club colours should be worn by competitors in races, including sprint regattas, Hasler races, national championships, and are encouraged for other races. Clubs may receive a penalty if a competitor does not wear the right club colours.

If you need any racing vests, please speak to Erika.

Club Kit

If you would like any club kit (hoodies, jackets, technical T shirts, etc.) please order them from Hawkinsport directly at

Sports Relief Fun Day

On the Sunday of Sports Relief weekend, RCC put on their own Fun Day to raise money for this very worthwhile cause. We seem to have a lot of enthusiastic bakers at the Club, so there was an array of difficult-to-resist cakes, alongside luscious smoothies.

Sarah put on a really well-attended Core-Pilates session. With Nigel, you could paddle along on ergoes – fast or slow – to the tune of your choice, while outside on the river, we had some fabulous fancy dress paddling by Batman and Batwoman, Luigi and his friends.

batmanandwoman luigiandfriends

Perhaps the most enthusiasm was reserved for the kayak modelling out of royal icing. Children and adults alike laboured for hours getting their boats and kayakers just right. There was a fantastic array. Winner by a whisker was Amelie’s crocodile kayak with its pearly teeth and Stefan’s modelling of the Immi K2, even down to the sunglasses.


Most importantly we raised £270 for the charity. Thanks so much to all who helped put it on and came along to support it.

Decoration Timetable

Your Club is getting a fresh lick of paint just after Easter – all the inside except the boatshed. This will mean that just for a few days rooms may be out of bounds. Please have a look at the diagram below to see exactly which days these are: